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J.A. Please,see to this.A "suggestion"

There is a thing that bothers me in almost all hi-fi magazines.You usually praise a system's remote control,be it a cd player,a pre-amp or whatever,yet,you never print any pictures!Also,i'd suggest you print photos of the back of the equipment.Sometimes,your reviewers do not mention certain aspects of the equipment,such as "how many balanced inputs or outputs" it has or sometimes people need to know small details such as,where the power imput is(left side , center , right side) etc and i believe a photo would help quite a lot.

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Re: J.A. Please,see to this.A "suggestion"

Hi, Yiangos,

These are excellent suggestions -- even though some of the information you mention appears in some reviews, it doesn't appear completely, on a consistent basis. Also, I would like to have the listening room dimensions of each reviewer. When JA moved from Alberqueque to New York, he gave a detailed description of the new place, which really helped me visualize what he was testing and writing about. Maybe a little side-bar where the reviewer's system components are mentioned? Cheers, Clifton

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