The Simpsons Welcome You to MusicVille

In this recent couch gag, the creators of The Simpsons transform their characters into a world of anthropomorphic instruments. Not a detail was missed in creating this music wonderland with piano-toothed dogs, slide-armed Simpsons, and traffic lights shaped like notes on the staff. Mr. Burns threatens tyranny through censorship of all music forms except classical, but the Simpson family and friends soon figure out the music within them cannot be contained.

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thanks for the link...

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. . .will be rolling over in his grave! Gordon strongly held that there was no place for any kinf of music in audio except for classical orchestral. And even then, he ruled out both the baroque and earlier and 20th-century works after Mahler (with the exception of Vaughan Williams and Copland).

When I took over from Gordon as Stereophile's editor in 1986, I expanded our coverage of jazz and rock, much to his chagrin :-)

John Atkinson

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