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Re: Is it me or can you really hear how bad some CD's are?

I thought the original question was about how a "good" system is a bummer because now you can hear how lousy a lot of typical recordings sound. Hmmmmm.

In my experience the same guy then plays "Sgt Pepper" on his set and it sounds like crap. Now THAT proves the set is crap because no way should the recording sound less than life changing!

THAT'S what I am trying to say. Yes there are a FEW (more likely NEW) recordings that suck. But there are TONS of tweaky sounding ways to set up a HiFi that guarantee a bad reaction to way too many otherwise great recordings.


I do not understand your argument. You seem to be saying that it is better to have a crap system so that your poorly recorded media sounds acceptable? I guess if you have a system that does not detect hiss, distortion, recording errors, rounded highs and bloated bass, you would not hear the warts in the media...but then, why invest in more than a boombox?


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