Stereophile's Test CD 2 Credits

Sidebar 3: Credits

Test CD 2 was produced by John Atkinson with the invaluable assistance of Robert Harley; master-tape assembly and digital editing by Doug Doyle on the Sonic Solutions Sonic System at Digital Brothers, Newport Beach, CA; booklet text by John Atkinson, with contributions from Robert Harley, Peter W. Mitchell, and Corey Greenberg; booklet design and production by Diane Harris and Janet Resnick; booklet cover illustration by Janet Resnick. Our thanks to David Manley and VTL for the loan of the Manley Reference Analogue to Digital Converter and for the use of his studio, to Pygmy Audio Systems for the loan of their Pygmy AD-1, to JVC for the XD-Z1010TN R-DAT recorder, to Nakamichi America for the Model 1000 R-DAT recorder, to AudioQuest for their Lapis interconnect cables, to Acoustic Sciences Corporation for the use of their Music Articulation Test Tone, and to Ben Shaw of Digital Brothers for being able to count. Thanks are also due to Peter J. Walker of Quad Electroacoustics who made the Gerontius recording possible. Tracks 20 through 31 were generated entirely in the digital domain using the Audio Precision System One Dual Domain.