Stereophile is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?

<I>Stereophile</I> is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?
New York
18% (65 votes)
Los Angeles
9% (33 votes)
San Francisco
11% (39 votes)
4% (16 votes)
3% (11 votes)
How about:
51% (181 votes)
None/don't care
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 357

Where would you like to see the next <I>Stereophile</I> HI-FI Show?

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New Orleans

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saskatoon Canada

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Williamsburg,Va. Charlotte,N.C.

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Baltimore/Washington, DC

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Any of the above or Chicago. Whichever city you choose, please choose a slightly more upscale hotel. Your last shows in Los Angeles and Chicago were in hotels that were a just a bit too "dumpy".

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New York, of course - because that's where I live & work!

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Miami, please. Most of us don't bite.

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Let's get back into the sun and fun, but this time a different venue than Doral, please. Nice hotel, but awkward for what you need.

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How about Atlanta, GA?

Adam's picture

Minneapolis, a great central location! Enough with the coasts!!! (yes i know the last one was in Chicago)

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How about Toronto? Why not recognize that your neighbor to the north (or south, if you happen to be in Seattle) has a large and enthusiastic audiophile community? And it's a pretty nice city to boot.

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What about San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley? Many modern, large facilities, good public transportation, and the highest concentration of high-income population that has the buying power to support this industry! Someone needs to educate them that high-quality music doesn't come from a computer and two little side speakers.

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Boston- New England is know for thier technology, and they have some of the best Speaker makers in the world there

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Seattle, WA. Proximity to Vancouver BC makes this a big metro area with a large, active audio/music loving population.

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Denver. I get tired of the high rip off prices charged at these so-called meccas. Denver has everything they do plus some of the most beautiful country in the US!

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It`s the closest one to Norway

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I would like to see you guys do a show in the heart of Dixie: Atlanta.

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Sheraton Crossroads, Mahwah, NJ. It's BIG, plenty of parking, and easy access to main roads leading to/from New York City!!!

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The greatest show on earth in the greatest city on earth. You can't go wrong with the Big Apple.

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Minneapolis/St. Paul. With all of the high-end designers located here, why not a Stereophile HI-FI Show?

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Washington, DC.

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Seattle will draw people by car from Portland and Vancouver BC as well and Puget Sound Region. Cheap air fare from CA.

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S.F. and its Bay area are home to one of largest audiophile populations in the world.

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Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City is a centrally located city in the US. Kansas City also has a thriving Highend Community, and we have plenty of hotels suitible for hosting a major show. I would be glad to work with you, in whatever capacity that I can. I may be reached at (816) 966-9203, or Thank you

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How about San Diego? America's Finest City, y'know. The airport's right next to downtown, and close to the other main hotel centers (Mission Valley and Mission Bay). It's a great vacation destination (bring the kids!), with the best year-round climate in the continental US. C'mon down!