Stereophile is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?

<I>Stereophile</I> is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?
New York
18% (65 votes)
Los Angeles
9% (33 votes)
San Francisco
11% (39 votes)
4% (16 votes)
3% (11 votes)
How about:
51% (181 votes)
None/don't care
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 357

Where would you like to see the next <I>Stereophile</I> HI-FI Show?

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Phoenix, AZ

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Kansas City, St. Louis or Tulsa's picture

its the center of the universe

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Oslo, Norway

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Let's have it in the great southern city of Atlanta! With the exception of the bombing, the Olympics went off pretty well! Bring on the audiophiles.

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Lincoln, NE.

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The SF show I attended in 95 was great. Not enough elevators in the old hotel, but the setting more than made up for that (and we audioheads can use the exercise). Plus the rest of the city is fun. Whatever city you show in, try to get an older hotel with interesting architecture, and high ceilings (as opposed to the hotel in LA).

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How about a site for us folks in the Rocky Mountain area. The attendees from the coasts can come and enjoy our beautiful part of the country for a change. I'd like to attend a Stereophile show, but they're always too far away.

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Not that I go to them.. but how about putting one in the midwest that way people are closer to the venues and can spend more $$$ on equipment than airfare. Say like Kansas City or St. Louis. Even Dallas, TX would be better than putting it in those cities.

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Nashville, TN Centrally located. The heart of the music industry. Excellent convention capabilities.

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Cincinnati, OH. It would be nice to actually be able to attend rather than have to read about it.

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Chicago!! The last show was excellent.

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San Francisco is the best location. Universal City is too hard to get to -- I would skip that one!

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Chicago or St. Louis

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Sunny San Diego

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New York is still OWED at least one more show, since this year's was canceled!

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Washington D.C.

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denver or cleveland?

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Ft. Worth, TX

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Kansas City

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Come see how beautiful the Northwest is!

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Milwaukee? Brand-new convention center; decent symphony orchestra; and have you ever flown on Midwest Express (only class is first class).

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Actually, White Rock or Vancouver, BC would be very desirable, but realistically, Seattle as a focal point for the Pacific Northwest.

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Washington, DC is a great place for such a show: lots of hotels, places to go, things to see. And transportation to anywhere in the area is a breeze! How could you not even consider such a great city?! Anyway, give us a try!