Stereophile is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?

<I>Stereophile</I> is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?
New York
18% (65 votes)
Los Angeles
9% (33 votes)
San Francisco
11% (39 votes)
4% (16 votes)
3% (11 votes)
How about:
51% (181 votes)
None/don't care
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 357

Where would you like to see the next <I>Stereophile</I> HI-FI Show?

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1) L.A. 2) San Francisco. 3) Seattle. 4) NY. I've enjoyed all the shows but find the L.A. shows the best because of the airport location and large numbers of exhibitors. Please, have another show as soon as possible. Tell Emap that some audiophiles (me, for example) are so dedicated that we schedule our yearly calendar to include your show. Luckily, I read the cancellation notice of this year's show the very day I was going to book a flight.

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Niagara Falls Ontario

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Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago again, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City. Screw Miami!

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A neutral location in the midwest. Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Nashville.

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Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston so I don't have to fly for a change?

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Best was San Francisco. New York

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You are welcome to Puerto Rico. Just dreaming.

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How about Sydney, Australia to coincide with the Olympics!

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Dallas, TX

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Washington, D. C. Ever consider that??

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My basement.

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qatlantic city, nj or philadelphia,pa

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NY or Philly.

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How about a Midwestern venue for the Show, say Detroit or Cleveland?

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Denver is a central location and reasonably easy to get around. We'll throw in a view of the mountains, no extra charge.

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Forget Miami, I don't go there. Ft. Lauderdale has a nice convention center, or, if you can get it, the Nat'l. Car Rental Center is pretty cool. Either way, I would be there. It's been a while since you were anywhere in this area, and I know for a fact there are people down here spending big $ on equipment and systems.

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I need an excuse to visit Manhattan

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What's wrong with Boston?

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chicago,dallas,kansas city, st louis,memphis, new orleans just something in the middle half way for everyone

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Minneapolis, long cold winters are perfect for sitting inside and listening to the tunes.

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How about Boston? There's a great high-end community and dealer network in Beantown.

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I think the Pacific Northwest is a great place, if not an area that is much deserving of one. There are certainly enough people living there now, and it's a great getaway spot to boot.

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Everything but an NFL team is the weather is often nice.'s picture

Just for kicks . . . How about Durango, Colorado? Bet ol' Frank from Northstar Leading The Way would go for that one. . hehehe. . . Bet you wouldn't have the guts to do it here (and that is a dare).

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Great weather! Great Scenery!! Friendly & most of all Safe!!!!

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Indianapolis? Lots of great convention room, good hotels, and a wonderful downtown area and mall. Check it out! They don't call it the crossroads of America for nothing.

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Northeast, Maine, Vermont, Mass. or northwest, Washington, Oregon; travel is relatively inexpensive to these destinations and there's plenty to do outside.