Stereophile is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?

<I>Stereophile</I> is planning its next couple of HI-FI Shows. Any suggestions for locations?
New York
18% (65 votes)
Los Angeles
9% (33 votes)
San Francisco
11% (39 votes)
4% (16 votes)
3% (11 votes)
How about:
51% (181 votes)
None/don't care
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 357

Where would you like to see the next <I>Stereophile</I> HI-FI Show?

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San Francisco would make a good second choice.

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Austin, Texas! Great live music, 6th street, Good Food,Nice Hotel and... The University of Texas (Need I Say More)

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Boston, because I have friends there and it would make it easier to visit, and it's dead easy for Brits to get to!

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I thought these things were on a rotation schedule.

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Chicago.That's the only one close enough fo me to attend.

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How about giving the southern audiophiles a chance! ATLANTA. Hartsfield airport is a huge hub and if we can handle the Olympics we can surely handle a bunch of audiophiles.'s picture


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The best (and most elegant) audio shows I have been to were in Paris, France. I don't like the hotel-rooms setup of Stereophile 's HI-FI Shows, be it in New York or Chicago. It's cramped, noisy, with low ceilings. You need a commercial space, not hotel rooms, for the Show. My answer is: in a commercial space, in New York or Los Angeles, the two biggest markets.

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Chicago! C'mon back!

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Dallas/Fort Worth or Oklahoma City

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Let's go back to the Waldorf!! I will forever remember it as fun, full, frantic, and fabulously located.

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Nation Capital Washington D.C.

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Personally, I like a suburban location for the show. Who wants to deal with the problems of getting into and out of a major city? I was very disappointed to see the show in Ryetown canceled.

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I am amazed that the Rye show was canceled! How could this happen?

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How about Denver, Colorado? In the middle of the country, and it includes the awesome Rocky Mountains. We have quite a few stereo manufacturers.

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How about Baltimore? Great city to visit. Close to Washington, Philly. Easy to reach by car or train.

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Come to Atlanta. I'll buy y'all a lap dance.

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I am a life long Stereophile subscriber andI live in New Jersey. I paid for tickets for HE 2000 only to learn that the show was cancelled. I will sorely miss it. However I do hope that it comes off in NYC in 2001. If the good folks at Stereophile need any volunteers please feel free to call on me Stephen C. Solomon 34 Brandywine Circle Piscataway, NJ 08854 Tel. (732)752-3265

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You guys need to tour like the Antiques Road Show and broadcast on public TV. I know you can't hear great audio through the TV, but at least we could see people's reactions. As for locations, how about Charlotte, North Carolina? I could make that road trip. While you're at it, bring it on over to my house. Any equipment that can sound good in my house has to be the best (under extreme duress)! You could broadcast this on PBS too. Maybe Norm could make a nice turntable stand.

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Washington, D.C.?

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New Orleans!!!!! Plenty of live music to go with the electronics. Remember, live music is the standard, and we got plenty!!!!

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New Orleans. Fabulous city to visit, and far more reasonable in price for manufacturers/dealers.

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Detroit. Home of frequently mentioned Audio Advisor and within striking distance of Chicago and Canada

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Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town...

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Washington, D.C., would be a centrally-located site on the East Coast.

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San Francisco was always nice. There are hundreds of hotels within a one-hour drive of San Francisco. There are thousands of restaurants in and around San Francisco. There are many tourist attractions around San Francisco, such as the new Pac Bell Baseball park for the San Francisco Giants baseball team. San Francisco is centrally located to practically any city on the west coast, from San Diego to Seattle. And Las Vegas can be a stop on the way back home to anywhere going east. It seems perfect to me.

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Chicago. It's not on either coast. Actually, I'd like to noodle on internal logistics for a moment. For the next show, I suggest putting all of the LOUD TV (i.e., home theater) folks on the same floors, so that they don't drown out the audio-only rooms. At the last show, I had trouble enjoying the fine sounds in the Naim audio room because they were surrounded by LOUD TV guys. Thank you.