Stereophile Editor John Atkinson at ListenUp!

In May 2009, JA gave dems comparing hi-rez recordings against CD and MP3 versions at the three ListenUp! stores in Colorado. This was part of the Music Matters program, in which audio retailers invite manufacturers and the occasional member of the audio press to demonstrate just how great music can sound on a high-end audio system. Before the Denver event, JA sat down with Adrienne Alterman to share his views.

In the second part of the interview, JA tells Adrienne that music does indeed matter, because it is one of the "four renewable pleasures": "food, drink, sex, and music." In the final installment, JA takes a look into the future of recorded music.

An interview with's Michael Fremer at the 2012 ListenUp! Music Matters event can be found here.