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issue with Anthem reciever not getting sound to tvs

I have an Anthem 710 receiver and what I am trying to do is go through the HDMI out put to a 1 in put to four out put HDMI switch so I can view three TV's at the same time. I get the picture but no sound to the TV, but I do get the sound from the receiver, so if your in the garage you get no sound but just a picture. When I hooked the switch to the PVR I get picture and sound so I know the switch is working properly and the HDMI cables are. I have looked at the configuration to the receiver many of times and I am using the Arc as the TV's have this. is there something I am missing or is the Anthem receiver not able to perform this duty. or do I need a different type of switch or another type of switch.Any help would be appreciated as I am loosing my mind trying to figure this out. thanks

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