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Isolation Platform for Turntables

Any recommendations for an affordable (under $500) vibration isolation platform to be used with a turntable (Basis 1400). The Gingko Cloud 11 seems interesting, but I learned that additional weight should be added to the platform since the turntable weighs only 15 lbs. or so. Who wants to add an ugly looking weight to a setup?

Does anyone strong believe in isolation platforms or are they a waste of money? Would you rather invest the $400 into a better cartridge? Thanks in advance for your help. EF

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Re: Isolation Platform for Turntables

Please tell us about the room in which you intend to listen to the turntable. Is the floor wooden or concrete? Is it carpeted? Different room conditions, especially those related to the floor, will dictate the degree to which an isolation platform might be useful.

If the floor is in fact an issue, your money might be more wisely spent on a wall shelf. The simplest means of reducing the effects of floor-borne vibration is resting your turntable on something that does not make contact with the floor at all. Wall shelves can be had for as little as $150. Quadraspire makes a nice one for about $400.

Room details, please!

Jan Vigne
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Re: Isolation Platform for Turntables

Are you interested in a DIY shelf or something manufactued for better appearance? If DIY interests you, how good are your skills and do you have access to basic tools?

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Re: Isolation Platform for Turntables

Here is an easy one to build and you could spend what you save on other items for your system.

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Re: Isolation Platform for Turntables

I agree with Jan/Erik others, with minimal know-how and basic tools a DIY option can save you big bucks. Constructing an adequate wall shelf from stuff at home depot is pretty easy and will offer some great isolation.

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