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iPod as Source

Has anyone here used an iPod as a jukebox? I was thinking of getting DLO's Music Remote and use my video iPod to play through my stereo. I will re-rip my music at a very high bit rate. My main concern is what effect the dock will have on the sound in the way of noise. Does anyone hear have experience with this?

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Re: iPod as Source

I tried a dock before (not from Apple), and the output level was pitifully low. I'm not sure if I got a shotty unit or if that just goes with the territory. I ended up using a cable from Nyko, which -unlike most- connects to the dock output rather than the mini jack. This carries the advantage of tapping the line level signal instead of the amplified one, which results in improved sound. I have no problem with the level, and the sound is good (I use mostly lossless files). Although it doesn't offer the convenience of remote control or video capability, I've been very pleased with this simple solution.

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