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T.H.E. Invite During CES...


We are in the final countdown to my favorite week of the year, CES and the T.H.E. Show!

Intro to the invite: My friend, Big Mike, and I have been attending CES as showgoers for years, but last year, we (accidentally?) got an exhibitor's invite for the T.H.E. Show. It was surprisingly affordable for a week in a suite, so we decided to go from visitor to exhibitor and call it a vacation. Our wives even went along with it!

The goal was to provide an oasis of libation and tunes that invlolved no demands on the visitor. Just a pure, hang out, shoot the bull, sip a few place to decompress.

So, Big Mike came up with the name "NFS Audio" (Not For Sale Audio) and we hung.

We met some killer people and decided to go for part II this year.

So, y'all are invited to stop by and relax. We'll be in the St. Tropez in room fifteen hundred something. It'll be in the T.H.E. guidebook.

As an enticement, here's some pics and tales from the 2005 show:

This is a pic of the front of the listening room.

This is a pic of the back of the listening room. Finally found a use for that infernal Tiki Kleenex holder!

The right hand side of the listening room. Forgot to update it, but above the Tiki is a Beatles Japan Concert Poster and an Elvis Costello Poster. Why is it that the wires are always more noticeable in pics than in person?

Alcove on the left-hand side of the listening room. Taken before final tidying.


Tiki in the back of the room. We used three of these guys for the room's lighting.

The bedroom has a tub in it, it is the alcohol holding area. Before the beer arrived.

The entrance to our room. We wanted an open door, but a cozier inside feel, so the curtain kinda does both. Good sound diffuser, too!

Trying to capture the Tiki ambience...

It's hard to catch ambient light very well, this next one is the same view, but with a longer exposure (Did I mention that the strand of lights was treated with our very last bit of Tice fluid?... ...):

Sounded best with a live side wall and back wall. The Tikis broke up standing waves - it's what Tikis do best. That's Big Mike on the left!

More Tiki juju at work. Absinthe helps imaging, too. This is an alcove on the left hand side of the room:

On Sunday, a guy I know brought the absinthe spoon from the movie Dracula that he had picked up somehow, so we poured absinthe through it over a couple sugar cubes and visited the Green Fairie...

As with equipment supports - three supports define a plain for best equipment placement. Same with Tikis, we used three to define some sort of plain.

Met the world's nicest feral cat (more like Will Ferrell, but I digress.) "Diva" (the name of a kind of Apogee speaker which was the brand we were using) now has a nice new home. I don't really like cats, but this creature is unique. It was kismet (the name of our dearly departed other good cat - she made it to 20 and then went to live with the Cat Gods).

Met her on the first day - she was cold and wet and stuck in the rain, so I brought her inside and she started visiting the rooms in our hallway. I figured someone HAD to own such a nice cat, but she was there the next night and it was snowing. She just hung out in the hotel lawn area with some really feral cats. That night, around 2 am, we were closing up the room and I heard a meow from somewhere outside, so I meowed back and she came running to the window to chat. I invited her up onto the sill and she hopped right up.

I had already told my wife about her, and had brought a cat carrier and towels, just in case. Took her home and my wife checked her over - ear mites, but FIV and Fe Leuk negative. She spayed her and (don't get mad, she will live indoors) declawed her. I don't think I've dug an animal this much since I was a kid.

Anyway, karma dictated that we should meet, definitely the highlight of the year!

She is about a year old and weighed only 4 1/2 pounds. She was starving, but actually stopped to get petted and purr between bites of actual food.

She had no clue what the litter box was for, but figured it out mid-pee when my wife picked her up and put her in the box.

Anyway, not to wax rhapsodic...


The St. Tropez and 4am with a tripod and timed exposure...

OK, so. Please feel automatically invited to stop in. We play requests and would like to have a few relaxed late night listening and bull sessions! The equipment may vary, but the spirit will be the same!!!

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Re: T.H.E. Invite During CES...

Faaaaabulous. I'm going to have to stop by and say howdy.

Will you be serving pina coladas?

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Re: T.H.E. Invite During CES...

Buddha and Big Mike showed me a great time. Thanks, guys.

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Re: T.H.E. Invite During CES...

I think I know your cat's deadbeat dad who left her stranded in the cold.

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