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Intriguing inquiry, are floor-stand speakers always better than active speakers?

Hi guys,

Just a general wondering though, nowadays I've seen a lot of new active speakers, and truth to be told, I find them quite professional indeed, when I go into an audio shop and ask some advice, some might even encourage to purchase the bookshelf speakers, as they're more cost-effective and space-saving hahah.

All that asides, regarding the sound quality matter, it ain't bad at all, but I'm not sure if it's my living room just not that big or some technical matters, the sound experience is actually vivid, but yeah I also think when you put the extra circuit inside the speaker for amplifying use, it'd certainly affect the original performance more or less. Especially under this digital streaming era, every part seems to be specifically separated, so it can perform to its fullest, and lessen the interference between each device.

Anyways, let me know what you think, I'd be grateful, or maybe share you existing setup with us!


Kal Rubinson
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Floor-standers can be active.

Floor-standers can be active.

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Bryston Model T

I had a pleasure of auditing Bryston Model T Active speakers, which sounded amazing. I even thought that they were within my price range, until I found out that they come without a crossover which I'd have to get from Bryston for additional $9K....

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