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intermittent crackle on some cds

My secondary system is 45 years old.(Marantz receiver, Rotel Cd Player, Braun Speakers and a newer Rga TT). All vinyl sounds great yet on some cds there is an intermitant crackle on some tracks. The cds are fine as have tested them on my primary system. Also, the crackle seems more apparent near end of the disc. Thinking it could be the player, but maybe the amp. having a friend bring his player over to see if all is good with his. Then it would be my player. My question could it also be the cd output from the receiver as vinyl is fine?

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I'm not a technician, but if

I'm not a technician, but if you are hearing distortions in specific areas of CD play, then I would assume the CD player is mistracking. If it is more intermittent, it could be old/bad interconnects. Sometimes receiver volume/balance/tone controls get dirty and start making noise. Turning them a few times will usually clear them up.

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check inputs

Definitely try plugging the CD player into the other inputs - AUX, Tape, etc. To make sure it's not a bad input on the receiver.

Or insert the Rotel into your primary system to rule out the CD player.

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