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Integrated amp for classical music.

Hi. I currently have an Arcam A65 with Proac studio 200’s. I feel I need to get an amp that will give more presence, better soundstaging etc. I have upto £500 to spend.
I listen to mostly 18th-19th C classical and it must have a turntable input/preamp. Although some jazz and rock occasionally make their way in.
It may be that there isn’t something in my price band or, as I’ve found so far, far too many to choose from!
Second hand is fine.
Thanks in advance for any opinions. Steve.

Kal Rubinson
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ProAc speakers are fairly

ProAc speakers are fairly touchy about setup and placement and, in addition, room acoustics and speaker choice/setup are the main influencers of presence and soundstaging. Unless you think the Arcam is woefully underpowered, I'd look for solutions at the speaker/room end of the system.

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