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Input on new turntable

Hi, I'm looking to replace an old turntable (30 years old). I am looking at a price of about $1000 or less. I'm considering the Rega P3-24,the Music Hall MMF 5.1, and the Pro-ject RPM 5. Any thoughts on these or any others that you think I should consider. Much appreciated!

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Re: Input on new turntable

I think at that budget, you can't really do better than Rega P3-24. Also, in the "Entry Level" section, check out the TT Under $1K thread that's been stickied. Cheers.

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Re: Input on new turntable

My experience with vinyl is limited to the P3. But I love it. It's simple and bad-ass.

Mikey Fremer's full review of the P3-24 will appear in our July issue.

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