Asona Ltd / Distribution: Innuos, Fonica, Audio Analogue, Perreaux, Analysis Plus

All prices listed in Canadian dollars.

The Innuos/Asona room showcased and AB-tested two network streamers for me: the flagship Pulsar and the Pulse, priced ($10,499 and $4,899, respectively). The rest of the system included an 80Wpc, class-A Pathos Acoustics InPol Heritage MkII integrated amplifier ($25,000), a pair of isodynamic Fonica Flag L speakers ($15,000/pair), an Audio Analogue AAdac DAC ($5500), which can support signals up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD512.

Also spotted but not in use while I was there was a 200Wpc Perreaux 200ix integrated amplifier with onboard MM/MC phono and DAC modules ($9999).

Using the Innuos Pulse, I experienced clear imaging, transparency, and good dynamics. However, replacing it with the Pulsar immediately enhanced sound quality. The Pulsar's sound was more refined and organic, providing a richer tone and a more elaborate, better-defined soundstage.