Infinity Reference Standard 1B loudspeaker J. Gordon Holt Returns Again

J. Gordon Holt returned to the RS-1B in April 1986 (Vol.9 No.3):

While I (currently) favor the MartinLogan Monoliths because of their incredible you-are-there realism, I still go back to the Infinity RS-1Bs from time to time for their awesome quality of power and excitement. The Infinities can give me goosebumps more often than any other speakers I've had on hand; every audiophile needs that kind of a fix from time to time.

After a while, though, the RS-1B's peculiar (apparent) sluggishness gets to me, and I start to long once more for the delicacy and transparency of the Monoliths. Which just goes to show once again that, no matter how good a loudspeaker system is, there's always another one that does some things better. I am not just waffling when I say that I would hate to have to choose one or the other of these to live with exclusively. Although that doesn't help you make a choice, does it?—J. Gordon Holt