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Dear readers,
I am Patrick Florio, so what! you might say, but it is only to start a discussion that soon will be very interesting to all music lovers.
I always thought we were missing out using LPs and Cds.
Something was not quite right. They have defects as we all know, what about doing something about them.
We can start tuning to the best what we have at home but at a certain point it is not enough.
We thought the same and have come up with an idea.
The first has been our Amplifier. It is incredibly linear and true sounding. But then came the DAC1 and skyrocketed sound quality to a new level. So we improved the amp making a new reference version. We started to call in speaker manufacturers to make the new level complete and at the start of 2010 our dream will come true.
I will keep you posted

Patrick Florio for SUTRA Italy and HI FI Trasparence

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