Kiss Each Other Clean

Kiss Each Other Clean, the latest album from Iron & Wine, was released on Tuesday, January 25. Before entertaining a packed house at Radio City Music Hall last weekend, Sam Beam and his band visited WFUV’s Studio A for an exclusive session with WFUV’s Music Director, Rita Houston. During the session, Beam discussed his songwriting process, his love of Edie Brickell, and life with his family.

We can hear the entire session, including a 4-song acoustic performance, this Friday, February 4th, at 7pm on The Whole Wide World with Rita Houston. For now, we can enjoy a small bit of the session in this performance of “Tree by the River,” the third track from Kiss Each Other Clean.

Iron & Wine's outstanding Our Endless Numbered Days was our "Recording of the Month" for March 2004. WFUV is a non-commercial, listener-supported public radio station, licensed to Fordham University for over 60 years. The Whole Wide World with Rita Houston airs on WFUV, 90.7FM in New York City, and at around the globe.

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Mr. Mejias:

Great artist, great album, great song. For Sam Beam's (among others') sake, I would have to disagree with [Name withheld]'s unsupported, indiscriminate and sophomoric skewering of your (and my, as a member of your generation) taste in music. To borrow from Jack Black's High Fidelity character: "How does someone who hates music" read and write to the editor of a hi fi magazine?"

As for your taste in careers, keep up the good work.


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I just love em!

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The album is avaialble to stream on NPR as well he did one a "Tiny Desk" concert for them. I can't wait for my vinyl order to come in, I have this on order with the new Bright Eyes record. 2011 is off to a good start.

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Wow, he has a very evocative voice. I need to get some of that. You know, I have been reading about him for awhile, but it takes me hearing their music. Thanks for posting the videos becuase they help me know where to spend my money!


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Your on it youngster.

I just picked it up (I had to after getting the Shepard's Dog) and it is great music.

Glad your getting the word out on superb artists such as Sam and hope some of the reader's take a fling and happen on some of the great new music that exists mostly under the radar.

great pick Stephen!

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Its a great album. Plus the vinyl came with a CD; I love it when they do that.

People bemoan the quality of new music but this 54 year old loves stuff like Iron and Wine, The Decemberists and tons of other 'new' artists.

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Thank you for posting that video. Ever since the movie soundtrack for "Garden State" came out, I've been a fan. The song on that disc was a cover of "Such Great Heights", which is still my favorite.

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now that i can post again, i ordered this right after reading this entry. also went ahead and got the collaboration album with colexico. both excellent. thanks for the tip.


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