iFi Audio NEO Stream streaming D/A processor Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid state streaming D/A processor with 16-core XMOS microprocessor and fully balanced, dual-mono circuitry. DAC: Burr-Brown four-channel True Native. Inputs: Wi-Fi, Ethernet (M12 optical, RJ45), USB-A, USB-C. Outputs: 4.4mm Pentacon analog balanced, RCA analog unbalanced, USB-C, USB-A (2), TosLink (PCM up to 192kHz), S/PDIF Coaxial (PCM up to 192kHz), AES3 via XLR, 12S via HDMI. S/N ratio: >106dB @ 0dBFS. THD: <0.007% @ 0dBFS (balanced and unbalanced). Formats: PCM up to 32/768, DSD (native) up to DSD512, MQA Full Decoder. Streaming: Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, AirPlay, DLNA/ UPnP, NAA. Power consumption: 14W max.
Dimensions: 8.4" (213mm) W × 1.6" (41mm) H × 5.9" (150mm) D. Weight: 2.2lb.
Finish: Silver.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 6004000105. Designed in the UK, manufactured in China.
Price: $1299 (including OptiBox LAN-to-optical converter). Approximate number of US dealers: 43 plus online. Warranty: one year, parts & labor.
Manufacturer: AMR/iFi Audio, Guildford, 79 Scarisbrick New Road, Southport, England, PR8 6LJ. Tel: +44 (0) 1704 543 858. Web: ifi-audio.com. US office: 105 Professional Pkwy., Suite 1506, Yorktown, VA 23693. Tel: (800) 799-4342.

AMR/iFi Audio
105 Professional Pkwy., Suite 1506
VA 23693
(800) 799-4342

Anton's picture

Great review of what seems to be a great product!

Makes me want to shop!

partain's picture

No hardware remote sounds a lot like no remote at all , or am I missing something ?

DaveinSM's picture

I was going to ask the same thing. Assuming there’s at least some sort of app for smartphone or tablet to function as a remote. This is the most likely scenario these days.

There has to be some sort of remote control functionality available.

Currawong's picture

.... so you can access it with a web browser. If you're just using it as a Roon or similar end-point, then that is unnecessary.

Sasha Matson's picture

Like so many devices these days, an available app from iFi installed on your phone functions as the 'remote.' As I noted above: "The 'Stream-iFi' app operates locally, connecting to the NEO Stream via Wi-Fi."

DaveinSM's picture

for those of us unfamiliar with Ifi "stream-iFi" app, I didn't catch this part because it didn't include the word "remote". And more information on the functionality of such app and how it works as a remote would've been nice. Thanks!

LTig's picture

as I deduct from the measurements, is actually no filter at all. Frequency response looks close to what comes out of a DAC chip which has no reconstruction filter.

Bluesbob's picture

Why no spdif input?