iFi Audio NEO Stream streaming D/A processor Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog sources: VPI HW-40 turntable, VPI 12" "Fatboy" tonearm, Pro-Ject Classic EVO turntable, Lyra Etna cartridge, Ortofon Bronze Cadenza cartridge, Sumiko Amethyst cartridge.
Digital sources: MacBook Air running Tidal, Roon, Qobuz. Bricasti M1SE DAC, Musical Fidelity M1 CDT transport, Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T.
Preamplification: Audio Research Corporation REF3 phono preamplifier, Audio Research Corporation REF6 preamplifier, McIntosh C2700 Preamplifier.
Power amplifiers: McIntosh MC462 Quad Balanced Stereo Amplifier, McIntosh MA252 Integrated Amplifier.
Loudspeakers: Harbeth C7ES-3 XD, Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha DAW.
Cables: Digital: AudioQuest Diamond AES, Coffee USB; Interconnects: AudioQuest Fire, Sky; Speaker: AudioQuest Firebird, Robin Hood; AC: AudioQuest Dragon.
Accessories: AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner, Mapleshade equipment rack, TonTrager speaker stands, Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner Pro, VPI Periphery Ring Clamp, IsoAcoustics isolation footers, Gingko Audio Cloud Platforms.—Sasha Matson

AMR/iFi Audio
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Anton's picture

Great review of what seems to be a great product!

Makes me want to shop!

partain's picture

No hardware remote sounds a lot like no remote at all , or am I missing something ?

DaveinSM's picture

I was going to ask the same thing. Assuming there’s at least some sort of app for smartphone or tablet to function as a remote. This is the most likely scenario these days.

There has to be some sort of remote control functionality available.

Currawong's picture

.... so you can access it with a web browser. If you're just using it as a Roon or similar end-point, then that is unnecessary.

Sasha Matson's picture

Like so many devices these days, an available app from iFi installed on your phone functions as the 'remote.' As I noted above: "The 'Stream-iFi' app operates locally, connecting to the NEO Stream via Wi-Fi."

DaveinSM's picture

for those of us unfamiliar with Ifi "stream-iFi" app, I didn't catch this part because it didn't include the word "remote". And more information on the functionality of such app and how it works as a remote would've been nice. Thanks!

LTig's picture

as I deduct from the measurements, is actually no filter at all. Frequency response looks close to what comes out of a DAC chip which has no reconstruction filter.

Bluesbob's picture

Why no spdif input?