Festival! The Best of the 1995 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Who, When, What

Sidebar 4: Who Was Who, What Was When, What Was What

Producer/Musical Director: Heiichiro Ohyama
Production/Engineering/Editing: John Atkinson
Executive Director, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival: Erich A. Vollmer
Executive Producer: Larry Archibald
Assistant Producer: Gretchen Grogan
Assistant Engineer: Wes Phillips
Road Managers: David Hendrick, Doug Chadwick
Piano Technician: Michael Blackwell
Booklet notes: John Atkinson, Wes Phillips, Deborah Carley Emory, Tomiko Kohjiba
Booklet illustrations: Janice St. Marie
Booklet Design: Suey Surprise

Recorded at St. Francis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 27-31, 1995

Recording equipment: two Brüel & Kjaer 4006 1/2" omnidirectional microphones with (diffuse-field) nose-cone grids; two Brüel & Kjaer 4011 1/2" cardioid microphones; Cardas 300B, AudioQuest Lapis, Canare, and Beyerdynamic balanced microphone cables; Nagra-D open-reel, 4-track, digital tape recorder; Ampex 467 tape. CD master prepared and edited using the Sonic Solutions CD Pre-mastering System; mastered and redithered to 16-bit resolution using the Meridian 518 Mastering Converter.

Special thanks to: Matthew S. Snyder of Alpine Recordings; Danny Grimes of Nagra USA for the loan of the Nagra D recorder; Rob Hofkamp of TGI for the loan of the B&K 4011 cardioid microphones; Bryan Shaw of Digital Brothers; and Audio Power Industries, Sennheiser, Stax, Sonic Frontiers, B&W, Digital Domain, Madrigal Audio Laboratories, and Meridian, whose components were used in the monitoring and editing.

The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival acknowledges The Seligman Family Foundation and Sallie Bingham, whose generous support helped maked this recording possible.