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If anybody out there happens to be in the vicinity of Cedar City, Utah...


Just about to head out the door to Groovefest, Cedar City, Utah's, most happening musical event of the summer!

Check out

Free live music in a relaxed small city park, with some bands that are quite good.

Lots of live acoustic and what I like to call "American Traditional" acts.

Can't say enough nice things about the fest and about that store that's sponsoring it.

I'll be the chubby guy in the aloha shirt with two kids (dressed in aloha, as well) and the world's bestest wife.

If you're there and don't recognize me, just start yelling "FREE BIRD!" and I'll come to you.

Hey, the Shakespeare Festival is going on there, too. You could catch some William S. in a replica of the Globe Theatre, as long as you're in town!

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