Encore: the 1997 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival CD Sidebar 2: Who Did What, With What, & When They Di

Sidebar 2: Who Did What, With What, & When They Did It
Encore was recorded at St. Francis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 20, 21, 24, & 25, 1997

Cover: William Lumpkins, Spanish Village; Lumpkins produced this water color as one of three large works depicting the three predominant cultures of New Mexico when he was a participant in the Public Works of Art Project during the 1930s. All three paintings are in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. More of these works appear in Treasures on New Mexico Trails by Kathryn A. Flynn, published by Sunstone Press. This painting is available as a poster, the third in a Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival series celebrating New Deal and Works Progress Administration (WPA) art created in New Mexico in the 1930s and 1940s.

Producer/Musical Director: Heiichiro Ohyama
Production/Engineering/Editing: John Atkinson
Executive Director, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival: Erich A. Vollmer
Executive Producer: Gretchen Grogan
Assistant Engineer: Wes Phillips
Road Manager: David Hendrick
Piano Technician: Michael Blackwell
Booklet notes: Eric Bromberger, Harris Goldsmith, Wes Phillips
Booklet Design & Illustration: Lisa Graff

Recording equipment: two Brüel & Kjaer 4006 1/2" omnidirectional microphones with (diffuse-field) nose-cone grids; two Brüel & Kjaer 4011 1/2" cardioid microphones; Millennia Media HV-3B solid-state microphone preamplifier (cardioids); Forssell M-2a tube microphone preamplifier (omnis); dCS 900D and 902D 24-bit, two-channel A/D converters; Sonic Frontiers UltraJitterbug (master reclock); Nagra-D open-reel, 4-track, digital tape recorder; BASF tape; Dorrough AES/EBU level meter; Lexicon PCM-90; Cardas 300B, AudioQuest Lapis, and Beyerdynamic balanced microphone cables; Apogee Wyde-Eye and Illuminati AES/EBU digital cables.

CD master prepared and edited with 24-bit resolution using the Sonic Solutions SonicStudio v.5.2.1; redithered to 16-bit resolution using the Meridian 518 Mastering Converter.

And our special thanks to: Steven K. Lee & Jamie Ryan (Canorus); John La Grou (Millennia Media); Fred Forssell (Forssell); Joel Silverman (Lexicon); Wes Dooley (Audio Engineering Associates); Nancy Belt (Nagra USA); Rob Hofkamp (TGI/B&K); George Cardas (Cardas); Bill Low (AudioQuest); Bob Stuart (Meridian); Les Edelberg (Audio Power Industries); Matthew S. Snyder (Alpine Recordings); Bryan Shaw (Digital Brothers); and the staffs of Stereophile and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, for their time and enthusiasm. Thanks also to Audio Power Industries, B&W, Digital Domain, HeadRoom, Illuminati, Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Meridian, Paradigm, PSB, Sennheiser, Sonic Frontiers, and Stax, whose components were used in the monitoring and editing.

The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival acknowledges First State Bank, whose generous support helped make this recording possible. The recording is dedicated to the three founders of the Festival—Nora Chavez, and the late Louise Trigg and Philip H. Naumburg.