Encore: the 1997 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival CD Sidebar 1: Disc Contents

ENCORE: The Best of the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival STPH011-2

The Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, Heiichiro Ohyama, Artistic Director, recorded live in concert

Mendelssohn: Sextet in D Major for Violin, Two Violas, Violoncello, Double Bass, and Piano, Op.110 28:03 (inc. applause)

Michelle Kim, violin; Geraldine Walther, viola; Nancy Uscher, viola; Nathaniel Rosen, violoncello; Marji Danilow, double bass; Christopher O'Riley, piano

[1] Introduction 0:43
[2] Allegro vivace 11:27
[3] Adagio 4:34
[4] Menuetto: Agitato 2:20
[5] Allegro vivace 9:02

Johannes Brahms: Quartet No.2 in A Major for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, and Piano, Op.26 45:42 (inc. applause)

Sheryl Staples, violin; Geraldine Walther, viola; Nathaniel Rosen, violoncello; Christopher O'Riley, piano

[6] Allegro non troppo 12:28
[7] Poco adagio 11:38
[8] Scherzo: Poco allegro 10:39
[9] Finale: Allegro animato 11:20

Total Playing Time (including applause): 73:52