Cherish the Light Years

I resisted at first, but Cold Cave's Love Comes Close became one of my very favorite records of 2009. The album also led me to one of New York City's darkest, spookiest, and most welcoming record shops, Hospital Productions, a fantastic source of underground noise, industrial, and experimental work on CD, LP, and, good-god-almighty, cassette.

Cold Cave's new album, Cherish the Light Years will be available in similarly fine record shops on April 5th, but Matador Records has provided a free stream, so you can listen now.

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It is kind of like New Order having group sex with Throbbing Gristle while taking too many of the bright red pills of speed.

Even the slower song like Confetti feels urgent almost rushed without the effort falling apart.

Fast catchy pulse checking pop music with throwback synth.

Good stuff.

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I kinda of liked that one Stephen. It sent me back to my Flock of Seagulls daze. thanks

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Hi Stephen, got the new Radiohead Album on Vinyl today.. would love to see your review... I liked it like i have all Radiohead albums since Kid A, especially Amnesiac....

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Thanks Stephen!

I discovered this group through your blog (with "Loves Comes Close")

The new album is now preordered!

Great Band!


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InSound is a great mail-order resource for new music including vinyl.
They have a free song every Friday and they do free monthly compilations:

Check it out.

No, I don't work there or anything, just sharing.