Bravo!: the 1998 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival CD Sidebar 2: Who Did What, Where, & When

Sidebar 2: Who Did What, Where, & When
Production: Marc Neikrug (Elgar, Neikrug) & Philip Traugott (Mozart), with Matthew S. Snyder (Neikrug)
Executive Director, Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival: Erich A. Vollmer
Engineering/Editing/Mixing: John Atkinson
Assistant Engineer: Wes Phillips
Piano Technician: Michael Blackwell
Page Turner: Kent Williamson

Recorded at St. Francis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 30 & 31, August 13, 16 & 17, 1998

Recording equipment: two Shure SM-81 ½" cardioid microphones (piano ORTF pair, Mozart/Elgar; main ORTF pair, Neikrug); two Brüel & Kjaer 4006 ½" omnidirectional microphones (main pair, Mozart/Elgar; soprano, Neikrug); two Brüel & Kjaer 4011 ½" cardioid microphones (violins, Elgar; violin/viola, Mozart; piano ORTF pair, Neikrug); AKG D190E dynamic cardioid (viola, Elgar); Mitey Mike II (cello, Mozart/Elgar); Beyerdynamic, Cardas 300B, Canare, Conquest, and AudioQuest Lapis balanced microphone cables; Millennia Media HV-3B microphone preamplifiers (piano/main pair, Neikrug; piano/violin/viola, Mozart; piano/violins, Elgar); Millennia/Forssell M2a microphone preamplifier (soprano, Neikrug); Bryston BMP-2 microphone preamplifier (viola, Elgar; cello, Mozart/Elgar); Nagra microphone preamplifiers & 20-bit A/D converters (main pair, Mozart/Elgar); dCS 904D 24-bit, two-channel A/D converter (soprano, Neikrug; violin/viola, Mozart; violins, Elgar); dCS 902D 24-bit, two-channel A/D converter (piano, Neikrug/Mozart/Elgar); Manley 20-bit, two-channel A/D converter (viola, Elgar, cello; Mozart/Elgar); Meridian 518 Mastering Converter (reclocking); Apogee Wyde-Eye, Canare, and Madrigal AES/EBU digital cables; Nagra-D open-reel, four-track digital tape recorder (piano, Neikrug/Mozart/Elgar; soprano, Neikrug; main pair, Mozart/Elgar); Tascam DA-38 MDM recorder with PrismSound MR-2024T bit splitter, four tracks at 24-bit resolution (main pair, Neikrug; violins/viola/cello, Mozart/Elgar); BASF 931 (Nagra) & Sony P6-120HMPX (Tascam) tape; Mackie MS1202VLZ mixer (monitoring only); Sennheiser HD-580 & HD-600 and Stax Lambda Pro headphones; HeadRoom Max and Naim headphone amplifiers.

Editing, mixing, and mastering equipment: Sonic Solutions SonicStudio v.5.2.1 eight-channel digital audio workstation with 24GB hard drive; Meridian 518 Mastering Converter (24-bit/16-bit conversion); Digital Domain VSP/S digital data switching unit; Dorrough AES/EBU level meter; Audio Engineering Associates Stereoscope; Lexicon PCM-90 digital reverberator; Z-Systems RDP-1 digital equalizer/preamplifier; B&W Silver Signature loudspeakers & Revel Ultima Gem loudspeakers/Sub-15 subwoofer, driven by Mark Levinson No.33H amplifiers.

Special thanks to: Steven K. Lee (Canorus); John La Grou (Millennia Media); Karen Richardson (Bryston); Dr. Glenn Zelniker (Z-Systems); Robert Kelly (Data Conversion Systems); Janice Smith (Prism Media Products); Kevin Voecks (Revel Loudspeakers); George Cardas (Cardas); Bill Low (AudioQuest); Bob Stuart (Meridian); Les Edelberg (Audio Power Industries); Bryan Shaw (Digital Brothers); Gretchen Grogan (Stereophile), and the staffs of Stereophile and the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival for their time and enthusiasm.