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I need a little help with my PL-117D (Pioneer) turntable, please

I've setup my turntable again with a Sony amp (not a problem with it, just for context) and two twin speakers.

The record player seemed to be fine, I put the vinyl down on the mat and pressed start (set to speed 33 and 12"), arm function is fine, but it's TOO SLOW. Seems like 45 is also too slow for that speed either.

I'm requiring help on if i should "go in" there and see if I can adjust the speed manually... or what. It is a fantastic machine, ten years older than I am, and there are memories here with this machine so I don't want to do it a disservice after all the love its given me.

Anyone familiar with this model, I'd love some info on how to fix this problem by myself without paying the shop fee. Thanks


***it's not a panasonic... I'm just tired. It's a pioneer.

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It could be running slow because the drive belt is worn or has stretched and lost tension and is slipping. If the belt is over 5 years old, it is quite possibly bad.

It could also be running slow because it has been a long time since the main spindle bearing has been lubricated with the proper type of oil or grease.

I suggest that you remove the drive belt and spin the turntable by pushing it clockwise gently but firmly with your hand. If the main bearing is OK, it will rotate at least 5 to 10 revolutions before coming to rest when it is pushed (with the belt removed).

If it comes to a stop quickly, and does not rotate freely for many turns, it needs new lubricant in the spindle bearing (or the bearing may be worn out).

If the turntable seems to rotate freely, then get a new belt. LP GEAR has one for $18.

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