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I couldn't resist!! - I bought the Conrad Johson LV14L preamp

Well I did it. The CJ unit has found a new home. The deal from my dealer was just too good to pass up. It really wasn't that hard of a decision, especially since having the pre on demo loan for nearly a week. I was simply floored by how musical this piece is. Everything just took on a whole new dimension musically. I know I will be satisfied for quite some time now. My next move will be a CD player or maybe a DAC. What do you guys suggest? Budget around $1200. Thanks

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Re: I couldn't resist!! - I bought the Conrad Johson LV14L prea

Hey, congratulations!

Ya know what? Seeing someone else get excited about a purchase makes me feel good, too!

Kind of a vicarious thrill.

So, CD player for 1200 or under.

I happen to be a fan of the affordable matantz models.

The DV 7600 runs about 750.00 and the DV 9500 (being replaced by the 9600) runs 1500.

Their line shows significant trickle down from more expensive models.

Music Hall has a model that runs around 600 bucks.

Even the Sony models in your price range can sound nice. Denon, too!

In fact, there are so many, I'd suggest checking...

...just to see what models are currently out there.

This is a good category to shop for a discounted model that is about to be replaced by a more expensive model.

Your 1200.00 may go farther with a close out than with a newly introduced model.

Keep us posted!

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Re: I couldn't resist!! - I bought the Conrad Johson LV14L prea

Wow! Buddha covered just about all of them. I suspect it will be difficult deciding as there are many fine performers in your budget range. From the $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 price range, I think you have to jump to the $3,000.00 category to get any improvement, and then I wouldn't say it's a night and day difference. The "Perfect Sound Forever" players have really improved lately IMHO.

A couple of other mentions, as if Buddha didn't offer enough...Arcam and Rega!

Happy hunting and listening, and as JT would say, remember..."It's not a race" so take your time and have fun auditioning, and do keep us updated.


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Congratulations! Yes, musical

Congratulations! Yes, musical.... that is why you buy CJ. I recommend a Schiit Gungnir the multi bit version. If you can spring a bit more the Yiggi would be ever better... very worth worth the money. These are really good for the money and broken in sound really natural and detailed. The age of CD has really passed and streaming is the way to go. For the price of one cd a month you get nearly unlimited access to HD music (Qubuz is recommended... or Tidal).

On another note, when you can afford it a high quality streamer will vastly improve the sound also.

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Why this discussion would be

Why this discussion would be in Analog Sources is anybody’s guess.

Old Audiophile
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I, too, can put in a good word for Marantz CD players. I've thoroughly enjoyed my old reliable CD6005 for a long time now, programmed to its EX audio 2 mode with analogue cables. As soon as I get a digital coax I'm going to bypass its DAC (which is pretty damn good, by the way) and run it as a transport through the DAC in my MAC integrated. I guess that's the seed I wanted to plant here. Given the way things might go for CD players in the relatively near future, you might want to give some thought to investing in a good CD transport and DAC, as opposed to a CD player with built-in DAC. I've read some outstandingly good reviews of the Audiolab CDT, which is very reasonably priced. There are others, of course, but the reviewers I've read say this Audiolab is only limited by the quality of the DAC you use with it. High praise indeed.

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