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I apologize for being.........

So a little black kid goes into a hardware store, see's a garden implement/tool. Asks what is that thing over there? Pointing at the garden tool, the store guy says, Oh, that's a HOE...the little kid looks puzzled...Responds, that ain't no Hoe, my sister's a hoe and she don't look nutin' like that! I said a bad thing? Imus, should be fired for no ratings and stroke victim speech pattern, and generally unlistenable. Jackie the Jokeman siad it first years ago.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: I apologize for being.........

What's the last thing a redneck says before he dies?
Hey! Watch this...

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Re: I apologize for being.........

DUP, you not only told a bad joke (that isn't particularly funny), you stole it from its originator. At least make up your own bad jokes. If you are going to be offensive, in the name of humor (and there are many who do this well..), at least give us an original joke.

If this is "politics," God help us. Er, excuse me, may the Great Spirit help us.

DUP, damn you for your lousy sense of humor and your lack of originality. If you are going to assert your happy-go-lucky immunity to political correctness, at least tell us a joke we haven't heard more that 20,000 times in the last half-year.

Imus is as dumb as you are. The only difference is, he gets paid for it. Go figure.

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Re: I apologize for being.........

Glad to see you back, Clifton. Stick around. Perhaps you can help convince Jan Vigne that this forum isn't really a lost cause.

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