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HT and 2-ch Stereo Speakers Side-By-Side - How Weird?

I have a great home theater audio setup with KEF Q950 towers as my front speakers and KEF center and surround speakers and an SVS sub.

I have a Denon HT receiver and a Parasound P6 preamp and A21+ amp.

My Q950s do double duty as HT front speakers and my 2-ch stereo speakers, via the Parasound HT pass-through function.

I’m thinking of purchasing a better set of speakers dedicated to 2-ch stereo, to stand alongside each of the Q950 towers.

How strange is this? Does anyone else have dedicated stereo speakers alongside their home theater setup?

Any reactions/advice is welcomed.

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not weird to me !!

hello - I like to keep my 2ch stereo "pure" for that reason (mirage 760's) - I have a completely seperate HT system (amp, etc) and keep the klipsch surround speakers seperate (the two front ones sit on top of my 760's) great

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