How is your music library organized? Use the "Comments" box to share details.

How is your music library organized? Use the "Comments" box to share details.
Alphabetically by title
1% (2 votes)
Alphabetically by artist/composer
29% (63 votes)
Chronologically by date of issue
0% (0 votes)
Chronologically by when I bought them
0% (1 vote)
By genre
5% (12 votes)
By genre first, then alphabetically
29% (64 votes)
By record label
0% (1 vote)
Some other system (specify)
5% (11 votes)
Random order---I can't find anything. Help!
11% (25 votes)
Some combination of the above
18% (40 votes)
Total votes: 219

Music collections have a way of running wild if they aren't kept organized. Do you have a good system for keeping your records and discs in order?

T.  Buns's picture

Buying only the choice stuff keeps the collection manageable and the oranization easier. I'd also like to chime in on on David Overall and J. Vlietstra's comments from last week; sad isn't it.

John at JC3RD@AOL.COM's picture

Lord knows I try to sort them by genre, then alphabetically, but with so much music now cross genre, it's getting harder and harder. I still soldier on however. The alternitive is not a pretty thought.

David Overall's picture

I use a computer database which allows me to sort any which way I choose.

David Inoue's picture

Categorized by: Pop Classical Jazz International CD singles

D.B.  Platipat's picture

The whole process is still a pain. I wish a company would make a high end $3,000 player that would store at least 500 discs that could be sorted in any order you choose (software based).

Jeff Miller's picture

See the movie "Diner" for my filing sytem.

Erik Leideman's picture

Alphabetically by composer for classical and by artist for jazz and rock. But I do hate records with a mix of composer. Should I put Heifetz' Brahms and Tchaikovsky concertos in Brahms or Tchaikowsky or in the mixed department? If there are 3 or 4 composers on the same CD it is almost hopeless to find in most record stores. At least here in Japan they seem to avoid such records, maybe because they do not know where to put them.

Mannie Smith's picture

There is a very fine library program available, "Classic Collector" by Elk Software 8 High Laws Newcastle upn Tyne United Kingdom NE3 1 RQ

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I have thought of building a database in FileMaker Pro, but I can't get over the time costs of entering the existing collection, particularly when one includes artists, songwriters, producers, etc. So I alphabatize by genre, even if the result lacks precision

Willis Greenstreet's picture

This has caused a lot of gray cells to be used up for me. I use the software package Keep Trak so it is fairly easy to slice the collection many ways, but storing, shelving, and acces- ing are a different story. We have about 1900 titles of cd's and vinyl, so I would guess 2300+ disc's. Finally settled on genre and then alpha by artist. Seems to be working at this early date. I will be interested in what others have found.

Christopher LIM's picture

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Dan Landen's picture

Mostly alphabetically then by date of original release, but it depends on the space I put the media in. You know, if there's enough room then they'll be alphabetized. If not they fall where they may!

Marcelo P.  Lima's picture

At first it's a pain to sort your CDs, but afterwords it's so much easier to find the one you want!!!

Frank's picture

I have a large classical collection (800 or so CDs) and until I inventoried it on my computer, I found it difficult to locate selections and even ended up unintentionally buying duplicate copies of some pieces. I initially set up the database using Q&A and later converted it to MS Access. CDs are arranged generally by composer and each gets a unique number making retrieval much easier.

Richard H.  Araujo's picture

I used to have the whole thing done alphabetically by artist. Then I ran out of room in my CD holder and rearranged the whole bit to fit into two holders. Then I filled up the second, but instead of rearranging again, I just started alphabetizing the new holder, so now I have several sections of CDs and LPs, all of these sections are alphabetized, but they aren't seperated by genre or anything like that. They are mearly placed as is convinient. This means I have Metalica next to Mahler, Big Sugar next to Roni Ben-Hur, Bob Marley coming just after Ligetti. All in different holders. It is funny, but this 'system' of mine is confusing to everyone who sees it. They ask,"How the hell do you find anything in here? It isn't organized!" I don't know, it just seems to make perfect sense to me. (c:

Bruce Abrams's picture

Generally alphabetically by artist/composer, but certain labels are kept together and music genres are kept together.

HAL's picture

With a background in academic librarries I haven't made it further than genre and alphabet by artist or composer. I have been searching for a good Macintosh-based application to cover all my collection-wishes. Box of Rain looked promissing but the devolper is not to be found. Audoifile 4.x is the next best thing, I hope.

Sverre Brubaek's picture

By genre then by artist, no further sorting (too much work)

D.  Cline's picture

I use a fuzzy logic alphabetical by artist and divided into classical and everything else system. The fuzzy part comes in with things like jazz samplers and colections, they are all under J for jazz, as well as certain non logical choices of the second name like King Crimson under Crimson. I have been using a five column Excel spread sheet that includes artist, label, disc #, LP title, recording date. For classical I added the orch and performer. I print a ful size copy for home and a reduced double sided copy with just the CD name, artist and number for my wallet (necessary after you have bought the same CD twice) I have been thinking about an article I read about the ? Japanese having a system of colors displayed on car windshields which indicated the mood of the driver. Now if I could just figure out how to label my CD collection the same way and then paste the appropriate color on my forehead.....

Priya N.  Werahera's picture

It is easy to organize your collection first by type (CD, LP,Cassette) and then arrange each type alphabetically by Composer. However, when there are works of several composers in each CD,LP, etc, it becomes a problem. So I also have an additional category called "various" sorted by the record label to solve this problem.

Scot Forier's picture

I always try to keep my music collection alphabetized by artist/composer, then by album. No matter how much I try to keep it organized, myself and others always find a way not to put albums back in order. HELP!

david gazey's picture

it is by genre and then by artist-no particular order

Anonymous's picture

By genre first, then alphabetically by artist, finally chronologically by date of issue - real simple you see!

Federico Cribiore's picture

My collection is in 2 parts: CDs/LPs and DATs. My CD/LPs are done alphabetically. DATs are done alphabetically and then chronologically within each artist. The only exception is bands for whome I run their archives, which at the moment is only 1. That band's DATs are seperated out.'s picture

By genre first, but for classical I have to separate into 2 sections: Composer Monographs which are alphabetically sorted (the bulk of my collection) and then Compilations which are usually sorted by the dominant instrument featrued. Orchestral compilations are sorted by the composer of the dominant piece on the CD. I also use MS Access database which helps to keep track of what I have and sort however I want on a printout.

Jim Sycamore's picture

They usually are in a form of chronology by approximate time of purchase, but are often shuffled around due to mass music listening.

Dan Cruthis's picture

I usually put cd's I remove from the transport on a shelf next to it. naturally my least favorite cds find their way to the bottom of the pile. A tried and true system that puts the obsessive alphabetical organizers to shame. :)

Jeremy Close's picture

They used to be separated by broad genre ('classical', jazz/blues, pop) and within each alphabetical by artist (composer for classical). Then I had children and any attempt at maintaining order vanished.

Dewey Mill's picture

genre first, then alphabetically by artist, then chronologically for that artist.

kiko sengia's picture

i usually place my favorites or the ones i just listened to on top.