How would you describe yourself?

Pundits claim that home theater has taken over the consumer electronics market. We're curious to see what effect it has had on our readers. How would you describe yourself?

How would you describe yourself?
An audiophile only
49% (138 votes)
An audiophile who likes home theater
48% (134 votes)
A home theater fan who likes audio
3% (8 votes)
Total votes: 280

ken's picture

I think the CD oriented music business is killing itself as DVD audio/video is providing much superior value and quality.

paul anderson's picture

I just bought my first entry-to-high-end turntable, gradually coming to appreciate the enduring value of vinyl. Yes, I like to watch a good DVD movie with a sharp picture. But, running the sound through two channels is fine with me. Very few movie sound tracks are worthy of high-end audio, unless you are watching concert videos. And no, I have no desire to hear a Tyrannosaurus Rex thundering up on my blind side.

Glenn's picture

I have 2 systems: the high-end audio system, which is basically for me, and the home theater system, which is basically for the W.A.F.

Bertus Wiltvank, Netherlands's picture

Good stereo is surround !