How would you describe yourself?

Pundits claim that home theater has taken over the consumer electronics market. We're curious to see what effect it has had on our readers. How would you describe yourself?

How would you describe yourself?
An audiophile only
49% (138 votes)
An audiophile who likes home theater
48% (134 votes)
A home theater fan who likes audio
3% (8 votes)
Total votes: 280

Pierre Gauthier,Montr's picture

Good sound, at La Place des Arts, Centre Bell,in a jazz club or at the cinema is good sound.Throw in a good picture and i won't complain.That's why 30% of my DVD collection is music related and the rest is movie related.

Reed Michaels's picture

I'm strictly an old tw- channel man. I don't even own a DVD player. Also, I will not buy any DVD-As or SACDs.

Dick Stevens's picture

Home theater kill the magic

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

I don't think I could EVER see myself having the money, space, motivation or taste in film to set up a surround system. I do have the TV and DVD player plugged into my stereo preamp, though.


Honestly I do own a Rotel DVD player but I watch about 6 movies all year. Now music I play about 280 days a years.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I'm not sure to define Home Theater. Is it the intergration of your audio system into your TV/DVD player or only a intergrated surround sound movie/video system? I am trying to accomplish the first, and have yet to even here the second in a retailer much less a home.

macksman's picture

We recently had a group of 10 or so Gen X skydiving friends over for dinner that had never seen our (modest) home. We were playing music, running skydiving DVDs and talking. One of the group said we were obviously more concerned with the music, given the relative place, complexity, cost and capability of the music system versus the nice, but off-the-rack, Sony TV. I told Jon he was right, that the stereo had taken years of careful work to assemble but the TV and its ancillaries required just a quick trip to the store and a check. They said they'd heard most of what we played that night, but never so clearly and they never knew vinyl worked so beautifully.

Arthur J Edwards, Jr's picture

Whereas I listen to music quite often, I rarely watch movies at home, and I never watch television. I do agree that home theater dominates the consumer electronics. And, this makes it quite a bit harder to find audiophile equipment. Most dealers stock very little hi-fi gear; most sales people are not very helpful in this area. But, when I can finally find what I want, the search is perhaps all the more satisfying for having been so hard.

Randy Sirussi's picture

If a home theatre can provide the detail, dynamics, and subtletly of a great two-channel system, I'm all for it.

Mannie Smith's picture

I have a moderate (and separate) home theatre for the occasional movie that warrants the audio attention or to watch a broadcast of a symphony, jazz concert, or musical on TV.

John Rau's picture

Most of what's available from the film industry is just sex and violence for shock value. And if the "F" word was banned, the film industry would be back to making silent movies.

Aris Petropoulos's picture

I have hooked up my DVD-video player to my stereo two-channel system and I am more than happy viewing and listening my movies through this setup. I will not spend more money to buy three more speakers and a subwoofer to make the living room of my apartment a "speaker room."

Aris's picture

I have yet to hear a HT setup, and I've heard many, that even once fooled me into believing it's the real thing. That and I have no desire to recreate gunfire.

audio-sleuth's picture

Home theater is NOT surround sound. Tell me why, if the screen is in front of me why I've noise behind me. Tell em why the audio should not come from the same spot as the vidio. Than tell me why I bought 5,6 or 7 speakers and just play the center for most of a movie. Than tell me about the little rabbits again, Lenny.

Tom Maggiore's picture

Not much of a home theater person.Really love my two channel system.

Louis P.'s picture

Only enough money to indulge in one or the other. Besides, if we had a quality home theater, my kids would NEVER do homework.

Colin Robertson's picture

I take films just as seriously as music. Home theater is a blast! It does take care, however, to set up a system that does HT and high-end audio well. The key is to use a real preamp with a processor connected to the processor/tape loop. Using a surround proccessor as a preamp is a very bad idea.

gd's picture

More accurately, I'm a music lover who likes home theater... I maintain two systems... one is a 2-ch music-only mid-fi setup... and the HT is a hopeless low-mid-fi work in progress, but even there any upgrades have a music-first priority... I like movies, and I'm willing to tinker with hi-res multi-ch music on the cheap, but ANY gear I consider must accommodate the music collection... in my case, the overwhelming majority of that is on the CD format.

Donald Nunez's picture

Music is my first passion following by home theater.

Olav Sunde's picture

I finally connected a pair of PC speakers to the line out of my VCR - nice to hear stereo sound from films, but my two channel audio system is in a different room...

Steelhead's picture

I wouldn't sully my music area with a TV. Hell, I still need my children to show me how to use the remote, and I couldn't record something on video even if I wanted to.

Ren's picture

I am a stereo person,try the multi speaker trick but got tired of the gimmicky sound.Still think my two speakers system sound better than my friends home theater, even get sound seemingly coming from the side and back on some movies.

Mr.  Magoo's picture

I do enjoy high quality video/TV reproduction, but my eyesight just isn't as acute as my hearing. So my priority remains audio.'s picture

My main system is toward high-end audio. I just stuck a wide-screen high-rez TV between the speakers, instant theater.

Len White's picture

I use the family room (15' X 18') as both a critical listening room and home theater. It's inherently compromised because of the open floor plan and RPTV between the main L/R speakers. But I've been able to achieve a pretty convincing stereo soundstage. Now I'm concentrating on improving the room acoustics.

dBruce's picture

Still an audiophile. Home theater done right is still way more money than tickets, and most movies that require the effects are crap anyway. Most Music Can Be Listened to more than once therefore way more bang for your buck.

james r.  garvin's picture

I, like most people, cannot afford separate top-flight audio and video systems. I could have separate systems if I was satisfied with an average video system, but my love of audio has conditioned me to it's virtues, and made it impossible for me to be satisfied for lesser home theater. While Russ may disapprove, I have added necessary electronics for the home theater to the existing audio system. And once plasma is affordable and it's limitations corrected, I may even get that blasted television from between my speakers.

Dan Wilson's picture

Two systems one for each.

Norman L.  Bott's picture

I am perfectly happy with my VHS, Laserdisc and DVD hooked directly to my TV. I think surround sound is rather a silly expensive idea.

s moore's picture

Wife=TV; Me=Music.