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How Old Were You When You Became An Audiophile?

B.B. King is 82 and travels everywhere, got many beat. Buddy Guy is 71 or so, looks 40 and energy like a young dude. didn't Andy Williams always have The Osmond Bros on....Sappy squared, Andy Williams with the Osmonds. At least it was/is much batter than the Nappy Headed ho Rap hip hop garbage that has to disapear soon one would hope and real music could make a come back? End teh Bling bling and bring back the 50's and 60's music. Buffalo Springfield, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Lee Michaels, Hendrix, so much REAL music, all original and different. i think Hip hop Rap crap should be made illegal. Listening to or possesion punishable by maybe taking a car ride with the Gov of n.j.? Since look what "nappy headed ho" has done, he was going to see Imus (mush mouth broadcaster) all about the ho crisis!!!!Eliminate Ho music, back to real music. Why don't they all convert to GOSPEL, at least that has real energy and harmony.

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