How old are you?

How old are you?
10 or less
1% (4 votes)
5% (37 votes)
23% (186 votes)
25% (196 votes)
21% (164 votes)
20% (156 votes)
6% (44 votes)
1% (5 votes)
Over 80 (congratulations!)
0% (2 votes)
Total votes: 794

Reader "craig" writes: "Okay, let's get right to it. What is the age of <I>Stereophile</I>'s readers? The reason I ask is the choice of 'favorite music' in a recent Vote question." So how old are you?

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I have been at this audio game since the early '60s when Marantz and McIntosh were kings. During those days my ears were in better shape than my wallet so I could only afford Dyna equipment in kit form. Now in my early 60s, my wallet is in much better shape than my ears so I can now, finally afford expensive high end equipment, but what for?...can't hear the difference anymore. No way to win!!

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I'm a Chinese.I like Hi-Fi very much.

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Drugs, sex, and lack of funds captured the first 40 years. Now I know what should sound right and can afford to buy it.

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45 Years old and love the JAZZ coming through my new DUNLAVY'S SCIVa.

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I'm proudly 24 years old!

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Been an audiophile since around 1980, while in high school. I was the first one on campus to own a CD player (sleek Kenwood toploading tray model) during my junior year (1985) in college. My feeling - indeed, the young are not like "us" anymore...

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a verry good mag; will be reading more in the future

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I just turned 30. I've been an official Audiophile for only about 5 or 6 years now, but I was groomed since childhood without even realizing it. My mother's siblings showed me every kind of system, from the do-it-yourself to the need-a-second-mortgage-to-pay-for-it setup. They each had different outlooks on the same hobby. I was exposed to all of it and eventually the bug bit me. This should be the case more often. The older guys (and gals) have got to get the younger (or just uninitiated) ones interested in this hobby instead of being the aloof "thou art unworthy" snobs that much of the public seems to think we are. Let's show everyone how good even a $1500 system can sound if you put some work into it. If we learn to share our passions we might find that there are more of us out there than we think.

Richard H.  Araujo's picture

We are not joining you however. Your dedication to components that excede our yearly incomes, and to musical forms like Classical that, while still valid, relevant and enjoyable, are certainly not the only thing wroth listening to, make you rather unattractive.

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How old am I? At 1st glance,a rather silly question! Old enough to know better. 43 years young

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I used to dread going out to buy new gear for my system. Almost every time I enter a high-end store, the salesmen and the customers piss me off. If a salesman decides to speak to a young lad like myself, I get looked down upon. Sure, I'm not boiling over with greenbacks, but I'm certainly not broke! To top it off, they insult me and try to sell me some cacophony crap. What's the deal with most of you out there? Is there some sort of Nazi underground movement in the audiophile community to deter GEN X, Y, Z? I read Stereophile and TAS. Some, maybe most, subscribers and the journalists agree that without offspring, high-end audio will die a slow death. Now do the math. The DIY market is the place for me, and my magazines are my buffers from the Nazi underground. I hope that there is some sort of resistance movement out there that I can join to help the high-end community. FREE THE AUDIOPHILES!!!

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I've been an audiophile for about 8 years now. A friend of mine introduced me the high end when we were teenagers, but I'm only now able to afford the good stuff. I'm looking forward to many upgradeable years!

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Geez, I had no idea I was getting that old. I'm actually in that 31-40 bracket! Now it's time to go and get me a 21- to 25-year-old babe to make me feel "young" again. And if she's an audiophile, all the better! LOL!

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Keep up the good work. P.S: I purchased a copy of TAS and have to wonder how far their noses are up Nearfield Acoustics arses.

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I've been an "audiophile" ever since I was 15, but back then the gear was not as expensive as it is today.

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As a 20 something I've always been in every store I requent the "baby" of the bunch. But since the stores have gotten to know me and my music tastes, I don't think anything of it, though its definitely taken time to this point. I feel as equal as anyone else in the store, patrons or salemen alike.'s picture

I would say I am an audiophile. I design custom theaters 50k+. My personal system cost more than a pair of Lexus. I have to admit, it is mostly for movies. I still love to listen to music, I just dont have much time to enjoy the solitude of two channel. My wife watches I watch movies. I hope you forgive me.

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Most of the audiophile people I know are about a decade older than me. Makes you think . . .

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Hey the younguns will never join you if you keep charging so much for the equipment for to join the club.

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Would be interesting, too, to see the most-listened-to musical genre that predominates in each age group...if any predominates at all.

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44 with 27-year-old ears.

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If you want to attract a younger readership you are going to have to pay more attention to lower-priced equipment. Few audophiles start with $20,000 systems. Most work their way up from modest systems. Give them some stepping stones to audio ecstasy.

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I've been into the hobby since I was about 16, maybe I started young. Back then everyone I knew in college was into the hobby. Now I don't know any teenagers who are into it - sad.

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Ah yes, the glory years: stereo LPs introduced at the 1958 San Francisco HiFi Show; Saul Marantz manning his booth; the introduction of "multiplex" stereo FM. Heathkits! Advent introduces Dolby cassettes . . . It was always so much fun.

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I am a music major (percussion) in college, and I am only one of about 10 kids my age I know of who cares about hi-fi. It amazes me just how unimportant a good playback system is to my musician peers. I know that whenever I listen to my percussion ensemble or classical CDs, I have to listen on MY stereo or MY headphones; everyone else's just sucks too much. Keep in mind I'm in college, so I don't have Mark Levinson, but I do the best I can with what I have. Tweaks, cables, placement—you name it, I have done it. I, for one, will not let the ways of the audiophile go away while I am around. I love music way too much.

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I'm a 22-year-old college student with a serious audio addiction. I can assure you that I'm in good company when it comes to young "audiophiles" in my neck of the woods.

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Only read stereophile for the past several months, already feel I will become a lifetime subscriber! Keep up the good work

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It sure seems like I am one of the young'uns. Just look at what you listen to at Stereophile and how many rock recordings of the century you listed past 1975. And what—only one or two in the '90s, and I believe none in the '80s. I would not be surprised if 45 was young for your staff.

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Prime 48 with audiogram readout of 20Hz-19kHz. What more can one ask for?