How often do you visit a high-end audio dealer?

It's no surprise that high-end audio dealers are getting thinner on the ground. Even so, how often do you visit a high-end audio dealer?

How often do you visit a high-end audio dealer?
Several times a week
1% (5 votes)
About once a week
3% (11 votes)
One or two times a month
11% (44 votes)
Every few months
28% (117 votes)
About once a year
25% (102 votes)
Almost never
31% (130 votes)
I am a dealer
2% (7 votes)
Total votes: 416

JohnMichael's picture

I have to travel to my closest high-end dealer. I then deal with the frustration of not being into home theater. The salespeople seem to be disinterested in two-channel.

Mark's picture

It is wonderful stopping by and listening to high-end systems. However, when you cannot afford these systems, it is kind of a letdown.

Jugveer's picture

I don't often visit high-end shops, generally because I find many of them are not into educating and demonstrating high-end sound and are out to close a deal. I do enter each shop with an open mind, but, if they sense your pockets aren't deep, you are left to wander and not able to listen to many systems.

Christophe's picture

I love my dealers. I try to not buy on the Internet. They have amazing knowledge about sound and recording techniques. I'd like to visit my dealers more often, but it's too expensive. I can't resist!

Max's picture

Whenever I am on conference travel, I will visit a local shop. Usually 3-4 times a year. I always carrying my test CD with me. I've had some great experiences—most notably (in no particular order): Austin Hi-Fi in Austin, Stereo Exchange NY, The Audible Difference in Palo Alto, Boxen Groß in Berlin, Hi-Fi Studio Achterhold in Bremen, Hörzone in München...

Soren's picture

It varies, depending on what I'm looking for. Sometimes several times a week, sometimes once a month. I do like to keep in regular touch with my favorite dealer.

Noah Bickart's picture

They were always so snooty. So now I buy used on

jan's picture

Just checking if they have something nice on sale.

W.Y's picture

Nearest high-end dealer is 340 miles out.

Johnny B.  Good's picture

Most of what I buy is used. I don't mind saving 50%+.

Jim G.'s picture

One is 30 miles away and another one is 60 miles away.

Anonymous's picture

I used to several times a week—there are none around anymore.

Vade Forrester's picture

What high-end audio dealer?

Thomas Martens's picture

I just go to casually look around and listen a bit. I usually buy nothing, and seldom intend to buy anything beyond perhaps an occasional small accessory. I prefer to use DIY or vintage gear mostly, but for new items I generally comparison shop online for the best prices.

Andy from Burlington's picture

It's also my record shop of choice.

Paul McMillan's picture

Living In Cleveland, Ohio, I don't have any local "high-end" audio shops, We have one Audiocraft store, but they are not the best rep for high-end audio, they have "mid-fi." I guess I'll have to drive to New York to visit Sound by Singer!

Gerard G.'s picture

Very rarely these days. When I lived closer to good dealers, I would visit a few times a year.

Boricua Guerrero's picture

Same stuff, only fancier and more expensive!

DGC's picture

There aren't any near me that set up interesting systems, nor do they set-up the ones they have properly.

Angel's picture

I’ve been to all the high-end shops within a reasonable distance from where I live, but more times than not, I get the feeling the staff can’t really be bothered since I’m “just looking,” so I don’t go back.

Doug Mencoff's picture

I have to qualify this answer. If you consider a dealer high-end who carries Marantz, Integra, and PSB high-end, otherwise the answer is never. I can't afford $10,000 cables, $50,000 amps, and $200,00 speakers because I have to eat and I earn $8/hr.

d2000's picture

Why visit a dealer?

Martin's picture

I'd like to go every week, but I would get into financial trouble.

David's picture

About once every two years, really. But only when I'm ready to buy. Keeping in mind that my rewarding little hobby is their miserable little job.

Nodaker's picture

I checked about once a year, but I used to go all the time when they actually peddled high-end gear. Now everything is surround-sound and cheap, so what's the point? You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant (aka Audiogon).

Mike Agee's picture

For every visit to a dealer where I encountered arrogance (off the charts a few times), ignorance, and apathy, there have been good experiences—usually limited by their selection and my poverty. The sad truth remains that components are so dependent on so many variables, including break-in up and down the chain, that a dealer showroom is no guarantor of a good choice. It's all a crap shoot that has me looking to the more obscure makers and shops off the beaten path, perhaps only accessible on the Internet, where money still has value and the sound is just as good and very possibly better.

James's picture

I'm not into high-end audio, however I did visit a dealer once a long time ago in NYC to see what they had. When they figured out that I didn't have a boatload of cash to spend, I was literally shown the door. So I am biased against these type of dealers.

Bryan Sherrill's picture

Nothing close, it's a purpose-filled visit.

Al's picture

Mine relocated to Maine.

dave idell's picture

I cannot really afford high-end audio equipment—other than a decent CD player.