How often do you make copies of music?

How often do you make copies of music?
Once or more a day
3% (4 votes)
Once or more a week
14% (21 votes)
Once a month
13% (19 votes)
41% (62 votes)
29% (44 votes)
Total votes: 150

Protecting copyrighted music has become a major issue in the digital age, but we wonder how it affects audiophiles.

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My tape recorder hasn't even been hooked up to my system in over a year!

Sean's picture

I recently got two MiniDisc recorders, they are great! SCMS really gripes me; I make my own live recordings, and hate to have to make analog copies. There is no reason why I should not be allowed to make digital copies of my own recordings.

Troy McHenry's picture

You mean to tell me music is copyrighted?

Maurice Piper's picture

For replay later - personal use only !!

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viva reganomics

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I deal with artists daily and I can tell you that the majority of them are already getting a raw deal from some of the record companies. Copying their material without payment of royalties is wrong. If the majority of the music enthusiasts whom copy copyrighted material understood what it takes to write, record, produce, manufacture, market and distribute a professional recording, then realize what the artist usually gets in return, they would shake their heads in dismay. If this was any other business the issue would be cut and dry. Support the artists, buy their recordings.

PAul's picture

Always from personal collection of LPs for personal use. I make CD-R copies for use in my office stereo system or playback in my car.

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Since I live in a dorm room I can't bring my LP's and Sota Satellite. So I use a Nakamichi cr-4a and then play them using a headroom cosmos/sony walkman and sennheiser 600's.