How often do you listen to your music through headphones?

How often do you listen to your music through headphones?
All the time
1% (3 votes)
Most of the time
10% (22 votes)
Once in a while
32% (69 votes)
22% (49 votes)
21% (47 votes)
Plan to get a set and start soon
2% (5 votes)
Special projects only (like live recording)
4% (9 votes)
While traveling
7% (15 votes)
Total votes: 219

Some folks like headphones for the privacy, others for the sound. How often do you go for "cans" instead of speakers?

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Unable to afford a great conventional system, HeadRoom Cosmic & Senn. 600's make me feel satisfied until I save for more.

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I monitor all Stereophile recording projects using Stax Lambda Pros and Sennheiser HD580s. For travel listening I use Grado SR125s. But I have to admit that for the physical musical experience, you can't beat loudspeakers.

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Try turning on your subwoofer next time you use headphones ;)

Charles Purvis Kelly, Jr.'s picture

I usually listen to headphones while I am either commuting to work and/or school or when I am traveling (during that time, I use a walkman about 40% of the time and a discman about 60% of the time). Other times, I usually be home when I am listening to music, during which time, I'll turn my stereo instead.

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Never. I blew out my ears in a drunken stupor with headphones in the 70's. It's too easy to abuse your ears, without even being conscious of it.

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Do not have a Headphone Jack on the Pre.

Jeremy Karpenske's picture

Yes, I'm one of the law-breakers who listens to headphones in the car. It's the only way I can get reasonably satisfying sound. Plus, having a portable CD player means you can take your "system" with you when you leave the car, leaving would-be car stereo thieves empty handed!

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I live alone, so it is simple to flip the switches and get on with living. Besides my speakers sound so good, that I can't see the point? After all, speakers can be shared with friends!

Richard H.  Araujo's picture

I use headphones when I want privacy and when I am monitoring one of my own recordings. The real interesting thing about headphones, I find, is how closely they resemble the experience of listening to music in a car.

Ryan Brodie's picture

Being a college student whith a strong desire for both volume and musical suund reproduction, I have a pair of Grado 125s. I love these headphones! They are open sounding, natural, and can get LOUD!

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As an airline pilot I'm on the road often. Instead of watching the boob tube in the hotel on layovers I listen to music and read. I presently carry a CD player and a pair of Grado headphones in my flight bag. I'd like to upgrade to a pair of Sennheisers and a small headphone amp but won't do that until I find a small and nearly indestructible case to carry them in. Anyone know of any?

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I'm lucky enough to live in a private individual house, so high levels is not an issue. Furthermore, I by far prefer listening to speakers than headphones, especialy on my my Rehdeko speakers based system.

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I'd rather turn my stereo down so low I can barely hear it, than wear headphones.

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the only thing i use headphone for is to stop my computer from making odd and bothersome sounds while i use it. ie: plugged into headphone jack to mute sound.

Marcus's picture

I listen on headphones at work (5-7 hours a day). Speakers at home.

Cornelius D.  Batts's picture

I feel the risks of damaging your hearing outweigh the enjoyment. It's too easy to become accustomed to the volume your listening at and turn it up a little more, and then a little more. It's not for me.

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Of your choices, you should have had an option for "equal time". I listen to my Sennheiser 580's about half the time as I do with my speakers. And the majority of that time is at night so I won't disturb others. For me, headphone listening can be just as enjoyable. Often, I hear things on a track that I might miss when listening to my speakers. I love it. No, headphones will never replace my speakers, but they will always complement any system that I have. Now, if only Krell or C-J made headphone amps...

Steve Henderhsott in E.L.'s picture

Generally, I only use them for portable listening and recording. I'm just not a fan of the "in-your-head" sound.

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Except when not disturbing others becomes a factor, I rarely go for "cans". They make my ears sweat, I can't lay comfortably on a couch without rolling over them, etc. Falling asleep to the soothing sounds of music is difficult with headphones on, as they severely limit sleeping orientations. I don't care how good they sound, they can be darn uncomfortable when worn for extended periods of time. Especially the "Hi-end" pairs. Apparently, some designers are striving for that football helmet feel.

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Rarely at home. Always at work.

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Sennheizer 600 My wife hates my music :)'s picture

As my life comes closer to becoming over-scheduled, I find that that the "hi-fi" system I use the most is my office computer! It consists of a PC workstation with a SoundBlaster 16 and Infra 1800 CD-ROM, Monster Cable Interlink 400 =), an Audio Alchemy HPA v1.0 headphone amplifier and Sennheiser HD560 Ovation II headphones, which does a decent job reproducing real-audio and soft synth content. As the office becomes nosier, I'd really like to pick up some Etoymotic ER4S's to help drown out the co-workers. At home, I find my Stax Gamma's, as good as they sound, go largely unused in favour of speakers as my hi-fi now serves as a practice rig. Anyone else now using a air-bearing VPI/ET2/ClavisDC rig to play scratched Jamey Abersold albums or something similar? =) At 25, I'm looking forward to retirement so I can get back into hi-fi.

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At work, I usually wear headphones. At home, only is its late and I do not want to disturb the neighbors.



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Can't get past the artificial "in head" experience.

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Depends on what I'm doing. If I'm sitting at home, and spending time just enjoying music, it won't be through headphones. If I'm out and about, 'phones are the only way to go. ;)

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I kinda like the sound from good 'phones, but I can't relax enuff to really enjoy it ... I'm always sure that someone is going to jar me out of my ecstasy ... weird ... I don't even have children !!

Rusk Reeder's picture

More than once in a while, but not most of the time. Headphones are the budget-conscious audiophile's way to get deep bass.

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This is what happens when you listen at ungodly hours !!!

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When my listening room was smaller, I used to use headphones a lot. My listening position (sofa) is now some 12 feet from my preamp so it is not practical anymore...