How often do you get to listen to an entire album uninterrupted?

How often do you get to listen to an entire album uninterrupted?
More than once a day
13% (18 votes)
About once a day
13% (18 votes)
Several times a week
27% (37 votes)
About once a week
27% (37 votes)
Every couple of weeks
4% (6 votes)
About once a month
8% (11 votes)
Rarely if ever
8% (11 votes)
Total votes: 138

Audiophiles treasure the time spent listening to their systems—but how often do you get to listen to an entire album uninterrupted?

Dimitris Gogas's picture

Do you have kids? If yes, you know how it is.

Ron F's picture

Not often enough.

Dis Mord's picture

As most of my listening is to classical music, and as most classical compositions occupy (at least) an entire CD/LP, this is a no brainer as you US citizens say.

Macksman's picture

Unfortunately, it's only about once a week that I take time to stop everything else and listen. Something gets played on the system each day but usually it's environmental reinforcement whether it's old Stooges, homage to Rostropovich or new bands like the Kooks. I seem to pick from those plays when its time to go back and really hear.

Al Marcy's picture

Not much else to do ...

ACF's picture

Isn't this the entire point?

Joecool's picture

It's hard to come by any program that's worth listening entirely uninterrupted, with the exception of classical music. Mahler symphonies, Bach cello suite or Beethoven piano sonatas etc, to name a few, really require listening to the whole program to truly appreciate it's beauty. It's like hearing the whole story rather individual chapters, that's the composers intend. To push it further, the whole Mahler Symphony cycle is related, though I can safely say that no die hard Mahler fan or audiophile can listen to the whole Mahler cycle at one go. Rarely in other genre (other than opera or theater stuff) do composers/musicians utilize the entire length of the album to tell a story in continuity. In my opinion, Wynton Marsalis has quite successfully utilized such story telling perhaps most notably on Citi Movements. There are some concept albums too like Dream Theater's Scene From A Memory or Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, which certainly requirs listening to its entirety to fully appreciate it. Happy listening!

John in d.c.'s picture

But, seriously, why would I event want to when I've got all these great 45s laying around?

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

To me, life without music is like a Ferrari without gasoline.

dkostzer's picture

Sometimes l do it while working or walking, but that is not real listening.

Jorge Ramirez's picture

It depends of the bottle of wine... for this reason I allways put in repeat mode to get time to change my glass and check the wine label. Regards

Jeff Furseth's picture

Basis 2500, Vector Mk3, BAT PK10SE. A slice of Heaven on Earth.

J C Hogg's picture

Music listening is built into my daily routine. How can you call yourself a music lover otherwise?

James's picture

Assuming I can find an entire album by an artist that would enjoy start to finish . . . .

TL's picture

Does listening in the car count? Driving to work is about half of an album, that makes an album a day. But I can listen to a good album without replacing disk for 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, multitasking makes home systems less often used; therefore “serious” music enjoyment takes place on the road. My car system doesn’t rattle windows and walls, but it took almost 3 days in the shop to install.

dkostzer's picture

sometimes l do it while working or walking but that is not real listening

Grant in Toronto's picture

I wish it was more often!

Tom Warren's picture

I’m pretty unstable. My listening habits change by the hour, day, week, month, year, etc., along with my tastes in music. I agree with my niece, Megan that to listen to an album to start the day is good. I’d say even better to end the day there. About a year ago I was recovering from knee surgery, and I listened to an LP as I iced my knee after both morning and evening physical therapy workouts. I try to save a block of time each weekend for extended listening.

George Ellinas's picture

Used to listen a few times a week uninterrupted. That was before our first child was born! Now I'm lucky if I can listen once a month! 'Nuff said.

Randolph Schein's picture

However, I also spend several hours a week reading while in the listening chair.

Tony Like To New York's picture

The best is when the wife and kids are out and the system can reach its full potential. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!