How much would you pay ($US) for a DVD-Audio-only disc?

How much would you pay ($US) for a DVD-Audio-only disc?
Less than $10
11% (23 votes)
15% (32 votes)
25% (52 votes)
27% (56 votes)
15% (32 votes)
4% (8 votes)
2% (4 votes)
0% (1 vote)
More than $35
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 209

Recent announcements indicate that DVD-Audio may soon emerge as a set of standards. Assuming that a DVD-Audio disc is not backward-compatible with CD players, but will play on the new DVD player (with DVD-Audio update) you just bought, how much would you spend for the special discs?

J.  Mason's picture

Since the new discs will require new hardware and "obsolete" what we have, a lower price (compared to the $15 or so we now pay for Red Book CDs) is necessary.

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

What I think doesn't matter so much---if it costs more than a buck or so more than a CD, the mainstream won't support the format. How many boomboxes can provide enough fidelity for anyone to notice?

Jim Jakubowski's picture

I'll look for mine in the used racks. I'll spend my hard-earned bucks on vinyl until someone can show me a better medium for audio playback.

Bruce Wanner's picture

The question is not well enough defined. I presently pay at several different price levels, depending on the particular disc (CD). If I feel the music I want warrants it, I will pay the going rate; it is only when the disc is substandard that I become disappointed.

Peter Roth's picture

I would be unwilling to pay more than a $5 premium over CD, especially as an audio DVD would not cost more to manufacture than other DVDs and CDs.

David Brown's picture

If DVD can offer better-than-laserdisc quality for half the price, why should a DVD-Audio disc cost any more than $15?

Paul Thompson's picture

I would only pay a premium if there was an audible difference.

Joe Ferrente's picture

Since I am paying $18-25 for DVDs, I wouldn't mind paying the same for audio DVDs.

Brian Smith's picture

$15 - $18, but then I've never heard a DVD disc.

Terry's picture

I'll wait for the DVD mail-order clubs. Retail store prices are artificially inflated.

Jonathan Goldberg's picture

Tell me how much music I'm getting.

Jeff Brown's picture

It would fantastic if it came is 5.1 dolby digital else who cares.

Robert Ash's picture

24 bit 96mhtz. Maybe DTS

Edwin So's picture

To maintain its competitive advantage, the price of it should not exceed that of an HDCD disc.

Gerald Neily's picture

I'm sure Naxos and the BMG Music Club will get into the DVD audio market at some point. Until then, it'll probably be too rich for my blood.

Kurt Christie's picture

A DVD-Audio standard would be great, but my growing cynicism at ever getting consistant at-or-near quality master tape sound is growing. How about tying in standards for producers, recording engineers and production people for getting a pristine transfer - right down the line!

Curt Simon's picture

Most of us almost certainly have not had a chance to hear a DVD-audio disk, much less do a critical comparison between DVD and standard CD, much less with the most likely alternative, DSD, which offers 20 bits of resolution, and IS backward compatible. As none of the other equipment I own -- amp, preamp, or speakers -- is capable of anywhere NEAR 140 dB of resolution, the benefits of the extra 4 bits of resolution would appear to be precisely $0.00. My opinion could, however, change once I have a chance to listen to the medium.

Tom Mitchell's picture

Who came up with this absurd range of suggested prices? In the psychometrics business, this would be construed as an obvious attempt to skew responses toward the high side. Any ulterior motives here? And why no mention of the competing SACD standard that is backward compatible?

Norm's picture

Uncertain future.Wait and see!

Will P-Z.  Clark's picture

It's hard to generalize because recording quality will vary depending on the quality of the master tape more than anything else. All other factors remaining the same, DVD-Audio will sound better; but how often does that occur?

S.  B.'s picture

These new discs will cause another format war, like VHS-Beta. Since people have already adopted the audio CD, there is little chance for DVD audio to catch on, even if the 'niche' audience has major interest.

Derek Reese's picture

As a long time collector of CD's, with a collection of over 1500, I still think it's silly to replace CD's. It makes me sick and sad to think that I will once again have to buy my favorite albums for a new format. I could definately hear the difference between CD's and LP's. Is this new format worth it?