How much time do you spend each week sitting in your audio system's sweet spot listening to music?

How much time do you spend each week sitting in your audio system's sweet spot listening to music?
0-5 hours
32% (88 votes)
5-10 hours
30% (83 votes)
10-15 hours
21% (58 votes)
15-20 hours
8% (23 votes)
20-30 hours
5% (14 votes)
30-40 hours
2% (6 votes)
More than 40 hours
1% (4 votes)
Total votes: 276

Reader Samo Jecnik, from Ljubljana, Slovenia, has a simple question for audiophiles: "I'd like to know how much time per week <I>Stereophile</I> readers <I>listen</I> to the music on their <I>main</I> systems. I mean the time they're sitting in the sweet spot."



Dimitris Gogas's picture

Boy! Makes you think, doesn't it?

Henry TROLLMAN Farmer's picture

Yo Yo man I really don't make the time ,,I really lOve buying the stuff OK TROLLMAN

Chris Toal's picture

I have only a modest audio setup consisting of a Kenwood 2090 recever, four Infinity Composition Overture 1s and a CC-3 center speaker, and a Cerwin-Vega sub. It may just be my setup, but the sound is just weak anywhere else in the room. This is the only way that I can enjoy my music's full audio spectrum.

Greg C., Canoga Park, CA's picture

Is anybody working on speakers that actually don't require sweet-spot listening to get the full "as live as possible" effect?

Rusli's picture

The first thing I do when I get back from work is to switch on my hi-fi components. Then it's straight to the shower. My showertime is also the hi-fi's warmup time. After my shower, the first CD slots in and runs continuously for an hour or so while I see to other household stuff, like talking to the wife . . . and, of course, dinner. Sweet-spot time commences at about 2000 hours and runs till about 2 hours later, when its time for "Age of Empires." (For those who don't know AOE, it's the hottest computer game of all time.) But the music still goes on, even when I'm not listening in, as invariably there's always some component or cable that requires running in or re-running in. I switch everything off only at around midnight, before bedtime. This is my routine except when I'm not at home.

Thad Aerts,'s picture

On my days off, the system is on and playing music for most of the day. Usually, I'm right there in the middle.

Martin Bruczkowski's picture

I may spend less than 2 hours a week in the sweet spot, but I probably clock in more than 20 hours listening to music!

Kevin's picture

I would love to be sit in the sweet spot more often. I am to busy working to pay for all my toys.

tntim4750@aol's picture

Not as much as I would like, but with 2 kids it's hard to get more time in.

Steve's picture

This is not enough but some time, no matter how short, is 100% better than no time. Just keep hoping it will get longer.

Don Bilger's picture

Sad to say, most weeks I spend more time listening to music on my car stereo than on the big rig at home. Keeping up with family and work commitments and playing in a community orchestra leave me far too little time to sit and listen to music at home.

HAL's picture

10 to 15 hours since I am unemployed and more then 15 hours when employed as I will be able to obtain more "software", vinyl that is!

Jeffy's picture

None, 20 month old rules the house. The couches were pushed against the walls and the speakers were turned backwards to aviod probing fingers. There is no more sweet spot, although it feels great not to listen critically sometimes. I turn the speakers around when it is time to listen. Many times I listen at night with the volume way down low so junior (and wife) can sleep.

Joe Cole's picture

It varries from week to week of course.

Luis Solis's picture

Reality and wish crosses only seldom listening time wise. So it leads to another question full length disc or grass-hopping between discs you like?