How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?
I spent about . . .
84% (163 votes)
Just plopped them down
16% (31 votes)
Total votes: 194

Getting the right components is half the battle. The other half is setting them up for maximum effect. How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

Willy Leavitt's picture

Luckily, I chose Newform Research speakers. Line source monopole ribbons aren't fussy.

Francisco Perez-Lopez's picture

Two weeks.

Steve in NM's picture

About 4-5 hours, not counting the time spent installing the acoustic treatment.

Clint's picture

Two hours, with an expert (Wilson Audio trained) to help.


I spent months—always looking for better.

JMBaloff's picture

Days trying different locations in the room.

MacFeegle's picture

Continues—still setting them up.

Nic's picture

You mean, there is an end to it?

ivan's picture

Two hours.

Nick L.'s picture

Six months playing with positioning. And I'm still learning a whole lot in the process.

Tim Bishop's picture

I am still adjusting them, a little here, a little there.'s picture

One year.

Jeff's picture

An hour.

Duane Palm's picture

Hours, weeks, months, years.

snoop's picture

45 minutes.

richtan's picture

There is a kennel of truth that almost all audiophiles try to squeeze the last ounce of performance from their systems. For speaker placement, one week of experimentation will be sufficient. Take it easy. Never let a hobby enslave us. Just enjoy the music.

Masud Kabir's picture

30 minutes.

A.T.'s picture

Many times, as this also depends on change of equipment. The current and right position of the speakers differs only 5mm from the former position. 5mm more forward or backward destroys the "snapping into focus of the music."

Oliver's picture

10 hours, (over many weeks) to place the speakers, to place the chair, and to tweak with absorbers.

richardp's picture

I think several hours, and then, after a few weeks, another hour.

MJS's picture

When I finish a pair, I place them "close to right" then adjust over the next few weeks.

Chris's picture

My wife rolls her eyes every time I start moving stuff around. We had a major fight over the placement of our couch. I figured happiness in the house was a higher priority than tweaking that last little bit of performance out of my system.

Mark C.'s picture

Too much—but not enough, since I'm still not fully satisfied.

Claudio's picture

I have no other choice than the place where they are now. Small apartment.

Bill in Virginia's picture

Three years. Still working on it last night. They're Vandersteens. Big room.

Chris's picture

Four hours in the beginning—then about an hour a week.

S.  Wallace's picture

Forty-five minutes—so far.

Perry's picture

An entire week, which I also used the help of Adderall (a stimulant drug similar to meth) and, if my wife allowed me to, I would of spent the entire month.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

Two weeks. The first was spent trying to find the best position, the second trying to convince my wife. I failed on that one.

Erik Vermeulen's picture

Three months.