How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?
I spent about . . .
84% (163 votes)
Just plopped them down
16% (31 votes)
Total votes: 194

Getting the right components is half the battle. The other half is setting them up for maximum effect. How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

tomygun's picture

Fourteen hours.

peter oshea's picture

Five years... but when I got it right everything snapped into perspective. I ended up almost near field.

Shahrukh's picture

About a couple of hours (with my JMR Twin mk3s) using Cardas' method. But it's a bad, bad room (acoustically speaking, of course)!

Tunablues's picture

Setting up my loudspeakers has been a ongoing adventure. First this wall then that. Pull them out, push them to the side. Raise or tilt them. Treat the walls to try to match the current placement. Listen, listen and then listen some more. Learn something new and try it all over. Enjoy getting better sound with some tweeks. Loving music more and more. So the answer to the Question is years to life.

Douglas Bowker's picture

Added up over several sessions and tweaks over time I'd guess about three hours.

B.Parker's picture

Forty-five minutes/1hour. Wall boundries, furniture all add something to the sound. Correct placement of budget speakers can sound better than expensive speakers badly placed.

Nodaker's picture

I spent a number of weeks in my new home—and probably more than that in my old place. An inch or two one way or the other can make a huge difference. There is just one right place for the speakers to be and finding it can be frustrating, but well worth the effort.

tomygun's picture

Fourteen hours.

VInoman's picture

It took about a week to get the perfect balance of look and sound.

djl's picture

Just a couple of minutes. Put 'em on stands and got 'em to face me and that's about it. I used to measure all the distances with a tape measure but I think I've got the hang of it now, so it's not all that critical. As long as they are on the same horizontal level, I'm good.

Greg's picture

Eight hours and I'm still not happy, but it's close!

Matt's picture

After receivong my new Von Schweikert VR4 SRIIs, I spent about 1.5 months moving them around until I found a placement that gave me what I was looking (listening) for. Something that made the moving around these 150 pound speakers easier was two sets of those furniture moving "sliders". Those things that are slippery plastic on one side. I could easily slide the speakers into a new position. Once I was satisfied, I placed the spikes.

Sherd's picture

1/2 hour.

ch's picture

Probably comes out to a day all in all over months.

ray's picture

One week sorting out placement.

Dave's picture

Two hours, choices were limited, but I have alot of speakes and two linked receivers (one digital HT & one analog Sansui QRX5500 Quad), and two EQs.

Andrew Edmonds's picture

Five minutes, putting them where they would fit. In my little living room, not many options. I'd love to have a dedicated 15' x 25' room with nothing in it but a rack and a couch, but in the real world options are limited.

Vooj's picture

On and off, about five years. Sound ridiculous? Every minute increment made some type of difference. Obsessive? Yes! Enjoying the music? Hell yeah...'s picture

Compounded time, I've spent about three hours total, I'd say. There comes a point where I want to sit and listen rather than continually get up and reposition the things!

Dave inSF's picture

An hour. But I adjust all the time.

John Eddy's picture

I spent some time trying to place them around existing furniture to maximize performance and looks. It has slowly evolved with me bringing the speakers further out into the room. I now can also run my stereo set up with the subwoofer in this system.

Scott's picture

About a week.

Ken Buell's picture

Twenty-+ hours. Thiel 1.6s. Also added Shakti Hallographs (two pr) amazing improvements ... also added Mapleshade 4" speaker supports" Wonderful, amazing, essential.

T.J.'s picture

Two months placing my loudspeakers, and one year convincing my better half that we need to rearrange the room furniture.

ty sproul's picture

I spent an afternoon adjusting the toe-in and distance from the front and side walls. After they had run in for several weeks I made some minor adjustments of the toe-in. After almost six months I tweaked placement and toe-in a final time. The effort was well worth it. My speakers sound great with both a wide and deep soundstage with great imaging and tight bass!

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Over two few weeks, after first 200 hours of playing, I'd say 1-2 hours per day.

Teresa's picture

Six months. Moving them a little bit at a time, when I finally found the perfect spot I measured the distance of the back left edge and the back right edge from the back wall and the back outside edge from the side walls. I recorded the measurements in case the speakers move.

Michael Lankton's picture

Just seeing this poll made me want to tweak my loudspeaker placement. Again. Better not to open that can of worms again. Hours. Many hours.

TC's picture

A couple of weeks tweaking and trying different positions.

anonymous's picture

Many hours of placing, listening, placing—but it's perfect now. Can't be better in my conditions!