How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?
I spent about . . .
84% (163 votes)
Just plopped them down
16% (31 votes)
Total votes: 194

Getting the right components is half the battle. The other half is setting them up for maximum effect. How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

DG's picture

Half a day, twice. My dealer and I set the A.C.T. Ones carefully when he delivered them and a few years later I re-set them utilizing some industrial laser measurement devices. Very recently I have found that moving the listening chair further back into the room is an interesting experiment. Integration and smoothness within the soundstage is increased.

Jim Dandy's picture

Spread out over several weeks, about 24 hours. Then when I added a subwoofer it took another 24 hours sperad out over several more weeks. Was it worth the effort? Sure was. Hopefully, this year I'll add a second subwoofer to better load my room, so I guess I'd better plan on another several weeks and even more hours!

Pete's picture

Two to three hours, divided up over several periods during the last two years as I got a better idea of what to listen for.

Jens's picture

Two hours. But they ended up in the initial position.

Tim K's picture

Thirty minutes. I first used the placement calculation my dealer gave me, but it placed the speakers about 2' from my face. So I just monkeyed around a bit until I got the staging I wanted. My room is small-ish, so there isn't a lot of wiggle room, but some acoustic treatments sure helped.

craig's picture

More than I would have liked to have spent. Very tedious.

Jared's picture

Still moving them about! Probably on the order of a couple of days has been spent moving them (in three or four different listing rooms)over the last five years, I'd say.

Jeff's picture

Years. I've never stopped moving them around, searching for the best all around position—which probably doesn't exist.

bri's picture

Still tweaking every now and then!

Greg Morris's picture

Going on three years...

Paul Christ's picture

The guy from the store placed my Audio Physic Virgos, it took him over an hour, and I'm still thankful that he did.

Paul M's picture

About 1/2 in placement and aligned with a laser pointer. The Merdian MRC did the rest.

Dirk De Taey's picture

Twenty hours in about six "listening" sessions.

daryl's picture

It took about one hour to place the speakers in the right spot.

Greg Abarr's picture

Nine hours.

Elliot's picture

Three hours.

ewoutvs's picture

Difficult to say. I own a pair of Quad ESL 63s for a year and a half now and I am still moving them around to get the soundstage perfected. Unlike some statements that they are easy to set up, I find that to get them to sing, the placement has to be done incredibly precisely.

mike eschman's picture

Five sessions over three months. My floorstanders ended up on wall shelves.

Wayne Tunis's picture

Still trying to find just the right spot!

suits_me's picture

I paid $60,000 for these interconnect manufacturers to come in and place my speakers for me. It took them a rather intensive 20 minutes, but the results are well worth it!

Rob Auld's picture

One hundred-plus hours overall. Am very happy with the Vienna speakers but have spent many hours trying to ring out every ounce of possible sound. After all, isn't half the fun of this hobby trying to get the most out of what you have?

Antonio G.'s picture

When I moved my Linn two-channel audio system from my 22' x 33' basement to my 12' x 14' main floor living room, it took about five hours (on and off) to get this right with my Linn bookshelf/subwoofer combo set up.

david galloway's picture

Four hours?!

Noah Bickart's picture

As much time as I've had a system.

Chris's picture

Twenty minutes.

Jeff's picture

Four to eight hours.

stephen w sweigart's picture

After doing it for many years, it does not take long!

dan coffee's picture

A half hour, then I moved the chair forward a bit.

Chuckie Girmann's picture

I'm not done. Placement is key and unfortunately I find myself too fickle in dealing with my room's constraints. One day I'm willing to make a particular trade-off and the next day I opt a different trade-off. Hopefully, on that fateful day when I have a dedicated room, I can stop this madness.

Bob Gould's picture

I spent about six months of pulling my hair out and weeping piteously to dial in my speakers. They are Spica TC-60s so I hope you'll understand!