How much money do you spend on music each year?

How much money do you spend on music each year?
$0 to $100
10% (17 votes)
$100 to $500
31% (54 votes)
$500 to $1000
29% (50 votes)
$1000 to $2500
23% (40 votes)
$2500 to $5000
6% (11 votes)
$5000 to $10,000
1% (2 votes)
$10,000 to $20,000
0% (0 votes)
Over $20,000
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 174

An owner of an audiophile record label recently asked us how much we figured audiophiles spent on music purchases each year. We reckoned it would be smart to simply ask you directly. How much money do you spend on recorded music each year?

Tim Bishop's picture

More vinyl equals less money! I have less money!

Robert's picture

About 70% of that amount is spent on used vinyl and CDs.

Craig from NJ's picture

I probably buy a one or two CDs or LPs a week on eBay or Amazon.

Nodaker's picture

It depends on whether I make it up to the Winnipeg Folk Festival or not. That in and of itself would put me to what I claimed to spend here.

Ron in Vancouver's picture

I would like to buy 8-10 new CD's a week. That would happen if they were all $ 9.99

Eric G.'s picture

There are still great lables shipping creative music in SACD Hybrid format. As long as that continues, I will continue to purchase these disks.