How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?

How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?
Fewer than 100
2% (8 votes)
21% (73 votes)
27% (92 votes)
20% (68 votes)
17% (57 votes)
8% (26 votes)
More than 5000
5% (16 votes)
Total votes: 340

Maybe it doesn't really matter how much music you have if you've got those three great albums that do it for you every time, but some folks just can't stop collecting. How about you?

Gerald D.  Stormer's picture

I have 12,000 classical LPs which I began collecting in the 1950s, and, yes, I have all the RCAs, Mercurys, and all the EMI pressings of Angel recordings that I found noisy and unplayable. But I am not a "collector." I buy what I want to listen to---for the music, the performance, or the performers, NOT the sound. I also have 9000 78s, hundreds of air-check tapes from sources all over the world of "live" in-concert performances, and, I would guess, about 8000 CDs by now. I also grew up in the Chicago area and had season tickets to the Chicago Symphony concerts under Fritz Reiner in the late 1950s and early '60s. Almost all my Reiner LPs are autographed by Reiner, whom I got to know rather well. (I would go back to his dressing room after his concerts.)

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It's true, I can't seem to stop collecting, especially vinyl.

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This collection of more than 1350 LPs and CDs is the result of over 30 years of collecting primarily classical and jazz works. Several of the LPs and CDs in my collection contain the original autographs of the artists, obtained at live performances---such fond memories!! Although you didn't ask, I also am proud to have recorded scores of live Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts on cassette media from flagship FM stations like WGBH. After a time, storage becomes a major issue, but I just can't seem to stop . . .

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I'd buy lots more if they were reasonably priced.

Darryn Neujahr's picture

About 300 LP's and 400 CD's.

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Collecting LPs is a real treat, but how many people have heard their entire collection?

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I need to maintain about 500 cd's.

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I borrow ten times that many CDs from the library.

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I buy what i want to listen to. I get rid of what does nothing for me. I may not listen to something for a long time, like a wine I enjoed with a friend long ago,so I keep the ones that stir some emotion. It doesnt take long to accumalate.

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It's the equipment, stupid!

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I still have the first record I ever bought: RCA's "60 Years of Great Music," from 1962 (2 discs). I picked it up at the Radio Shack in downtown Boston for $2. I still occasionally listen to it (scratched but still good).

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Mostly vinyl. Buying CD's only after being certain there is no vinyl release

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It is more than obvious that the readers of Stereophile are quite affluent, however, I am a lowly paid overly worked member of Americas underclass. Working all the time, looking for "career" jumps and not making it, thusly, money spent on recordings is duely measured. These are the times I live in, those that have and those that want it, live side -by-side. My collection is mainly of records. Being in Colorado, there are many stores that carry low cost LP's to fuel my fire for an ever expanding need for more music. Additional, never mind about me moving to DVD, will NOT be able to afford that, not till I make that big promotion that will go to the V-Pres. daughter.

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Just a few dogs

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The value of your collection should never exceed the value of your equipment - - Karl Marx