How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?

How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?
Fewer than 100
2% (8 votes)
21% (73 votes)
27% (92 votes)
20% (68 votes)
17% (57 votes)
8% (26 votes)
More than 5000
5% (16 votes)
Total votes: 340

Maybe it doesn't really matter how much music you have if you've got those three great albums that do it for you every time, but some folks just can't stop collecting. How about you?

M.  Archuleta's picture

6,100 plus or minus two and still growing, yet at a slower pace.

Art Michelson's picture

I'm having a hard time finding a really nice storage unit for a large collection of CDs. I noted in last weeks poll, no women responded. Women have ears as good as (better?) men. Any surmisings?

Josh Daynard's picture

I need more!

Anonymous's picture

i dont just buy recordind of popular artists that ,but i like to seek out those that are good. i like all types of music,so any time i hear something good i go out and get it.

David Hoffman's picture

Although I do collect CD's I must say it has never been a 'special' event for me like the old days of perusing the vinyl bins at the local record shop. It's almost like comparing the purchase of a hard cover edition to a paperback book. The words maybe the same, but the presentation is lacking.

Dan Claassen's picture

About 240 CD's ... I got rid of my vinyl several years ago.

Lee Swanson's picture

My wife and I finally got to the stage that we sell CDs and LPs that don't get listened to anymore. We use the money to buy more, of course!

Frank Holderfield's picture

Although it become more difficult to locate vinyl I still prefer the sound to cd's. I do have about the same number of records as I do cd's and I do find myself playing cd's more frequently but its for background music. When I do my serious listening I always put on a record.

George Watts's picture

The problem with owning so many discs is that you either forget that you already have a copy, or you don't get to listen to them all as often as is needed to justify the purchase. I now find myself reading reviews on recordings as my best guide to buying. Auditioning is out---there are people who make a living from listening to recordings and offering a sometimes balanced opinion.

Kevin Rosairo's picture

Mostly Classical

S.B.'s picture

It would be stupid to invest a large sum of money in your stereo system(s), but do not listen to music.

Vince Quaresima's picture

Do you want a large CD collection? It's easy. Just be a fan of Richard Wagner or Gustav Mahler!!

Steve Starr's picture

It's gotten so bad that when I put away a new CD, I sometimes find that I already have it.

Timothy Eyre's picture

It would take two weeks of non-stop listening to hear all of my collection.

Peter MacHare's picture

My 1500 LPs and CDs represent only one new acquisition a week during my 30 years of collection. It's not the music you have, but the music you do not yet have that preys on your mind. I carry a want list in my wallet; it is both sides of a sheet of paper in dual columns in tiny print. Everyone ought to have one.'s picture

Once I started collecting CD, I just couldn't stop. The format is just so easy to use and portable it promotes buying more.

Dennis Nyhagen's picture

Half and Half LPs and CDs. Heavy emphasis on Jazz and early Beatles.

Mark Swanson's picture

I only have about 150, but I've mainly been collecting imports and bootlegs. There is some awesome stuff out there if you know where to look!

Jim in Dallas's picture

I'm a sucker for a live set! Wish there were more recordings that cover an event from start to finish, without interruptions, minimal post-production, and preserving introductions, announcements, etc.

Chris Kuhn's picture

My CDs and LPs number about 300, and I have yet to get started. Who knows what will happen when I finish school? I may never have enough music.

Eric W.  Sarjeant's picture

After breaking 300, my collecting seemed to grow exponentially.

Ron Resnick's picture

My response---100-300---refers to LPs. CDs aren't good enough to count. I find CDs useful only for listening to music while I'm in the shower.

John Mulcrone's picture

I have approximately 420 CDs and 800 albums (A CD is not an "album"). Interestingly, almost all of the LPs were purchased in the last two-and-one-half years (right after I bought my Rega Planar 2).

Scott Vermillion's picture

So many noises. So little time!

Russell Reich's picture

I've always thought the requirement that Stereophile's writers have a recording collection worth more than their equipment was misguided. Why is that an indication of credibility? I'm a music lover and an audiophile, and my system is worth more than my 300-CD collection. But so what? I have very particular, peculiar tastes. It's hard to find the music I love, but it brings me a great deal of pleasure, even upon many repeated listenings. I wonder how those with 1000+ recordings ever get the time to revisit---and truly enjoy---most of their collection.

Steve Clark II's picture

music is good for my brain and my body what's not to love?

David L Gaddis's picture

I have purchased fewer in the past few yeary. There does not seem to be any more than (excludeing classical)re-hashing the same old fare by an endless number of one hit wonder bands.

Lance Huntley's picture

I didn't realize I was a collector until I saw I had a collection. That was some years ago before the fullness of collecting was upon me. I now have nearly 3000 LP's, over 400 '78's, only dozens of 45's and nearly 600 CD's. Not a huge collection, I know, but large enough to amaze the great unwashed.

mitch carriere's picture

The more the better. I just cant enough music.

David Dickey's picture

I'm hoping to eventually reach a dynamic equilibrium in which, for every new recording I buy, one goes to the used-record store. But this desire is in conflict with my desire to not hear most recordings, even my favorites, very frequently. There are a few recordings I keep around that I don't seem to listen to more than once in a couple of years! Others get played at least once a month. It would be really interesting to see what the results for the recording industry would be if we had a system of "audio on demand," where you could download a recording from the Internet for one-time use for a small fee. I probably wouldn't even own recordings then; I would just end up listening to a much greater variety of artists.